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Renovation without compromise: Oak Country thin plank, gray oiled for contemporary living


- Gray hardwood floors for interior designs with a modern touch

- Contemporary living with comfort: mafi natural wood floors combine both

- No compromises when renovating: dimensionally stable thin planks guarantee durability

approx. 2 minutes

No more sacrificing quality or short pieces with renovation planks.
mafi thin planks come in lengths of up to 2.4 meters and widths of up to 24 cm: a dream come true for DIYers and professional renovators. And with a thickness of only 1 cm.
This is made possible by mafi's typical 3-layer construction, which also gives the thin planks tremendous stability and therefore longevity.

Lively grain, modern natural oiling in trendy gray, and a slim one centimeter: that's the thin plank OAK Country, brushed, gray oiled in a nutshell.

mafi thin planks: no more compromises when renovating

Sacrificing quality and putting up with short boards used to be the unpleasant reality when choosing flooring for renovation or modernization projects. Why? Minimal clearance due to the sins of past builders or the desire to lay new floors on top of existing floors.

The mafi renovation plank now solves this problem: due to the high-quality plank structure, even thin planks that just 1 cm thick have tremendous dimensional stability with lengths of up to 2.4 meters and widths of up to 24 cm. The quality one expects from mafi is reflected in the symmetrical structure of the plank, where the same wood species is used for the back and top layers sandwiching a flexible core made of soft spruce.

Regardless of whether you want to transform an old building into a charming jewelry box or convert a loft into a cozy oasis, the mafi thin plank makes every modernization project quick and easy.

Modern, timeless shade of gray for extravagant living concepts

The OAK Country thin planks, brushed, gray oiled are natural wood planks with an extremely lively and distinctive look. The surface has beautiful, natural cracks that are sealed by hand in timeless black. A multitude of knots, artistic cracks, and the typical oak grain are found on every single plank.

The mafi OAK Country wide plank gives the room a warm naturalness on the one hand and an inviting coziness on the other.
To make the look of the lively oak planks even more exciting, the planks were refined with a gray oiling. This refinement step reduces the otherwise warm oak color and leaves a modern, reduced neutral that can be combined excellently with any color scheme.

Walk on art: the name says it all.

Modern ambience with wide plank

The mafi OAK Country, brushed, gray oiled wid eplank is not only suitable for traditional room concepts, but can also be perfectly combined with modern furnishing styles. Contemporary room concepts in particular benefit from the expressive character of the lively oak flooring, which creates an interesting contrast to otherwise minimalist designs.

The OAK Country, brushed, gray oiled with a slim thickness of 1 cm comes as a thin plank, which can be easily laid on existing floors and should therefore be the first choice for every modernization project.

OAK Country thin-plank, brushed, gray oiled: the perfect choice for giving rooms a completely new, natural and, above all, modern look in no time at all. 

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