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Robust ash parquet for extraordinary room concepts


 - Ash parquet: robust and suitable for everyday use.

- Endless combination possibilities: A timeless shade as the basis for exciting interior design concepts.

- This is how easy it is to care for the uni ash.

READING TIME: approx. 1.5 Min.

Almost knotless and extremely robust - Ash is a real alternative to oak wood.


A vibrant look encounters a natural touch: The gray oiled UNI ASH for room concepts with a particularly friendly flair.

Natural and extremely stable - ash parquet the new living trend

The natural properties of ash are very similar to those of oak: tough to the touch, extremely suitable for everyday use and very special when it comes to appearance.
Ash wood has a distinctive grain and, in addition to its extreme hardness, is extremely uncomplicated because it can be combined quite easily with other woods - perfect, therefore, for almost any room concept.

The material used for UNI ASH is the wood of the exquisite white ash, which has a much more homogeneous appearance as it lacks a brown core, as is the case, for example, with the more vibrant mafi COR ASH. A finish with gray natural oil based on linseed oil enhances this homogeneous effect. The result: a natural character floor featuring a timeless gray appearance that can be adapted to any interior design style and any living room color..



Gray oiled ash parquet: easy to combine and incredibly adaptable

Bold and original: Interior Design featuring a Color Blocking Look.

UNI ASH seems to be predestined for room concepts that use vivid colors and strong contrasts. In this regard, there is no shade that won't coordinate well with light gray ash parquet flooring. The combination of wide expanses of color and the lively look of UNI ASH lends tremendous cheerfulness and airiness to the four walls.

Those who prefer things to be more discrete and timeless can simply combine the pleasant gray of the mafi UNI ASH with simple white or elegant shades of gray along with light pastel colors.
The gray oiled ash is also very uncomplicated in terms of interior. From light birch furniture to walnut and oak, ash parquet fits perfectly into its living environment.


The simple and uncomplicated care for UNI ASH floors

The combination of the ash parquet is as uncomplicated as it is to take care of it.
With regular wiping care using mafi wood floor soap and water, care and cleaning can be accomplished in one step.

The soap contains nourishing oils that strengthen the wood with each pass of the mop and make it resistant to stains and possible scratches. When wiped with warm water, the wood fibers of the ash plank stand up again, making minor scratches, such as those caused by dog or cat claws, disappear.

What remains is a matt wood surface with its naturally open porosity, which not only contributes significantly to a healthy indoor climate, but also feels pleasantly warm on the bare soles of the feet.


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