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Scandinavian living with fir parquet


- Fir parquet: The welcoming companion with many facets

- Furnishing with fir is hygglig nowadays

- Easy care and repair of oiled fir boards

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Extremely popular and velvety under foot, nothing touches the senses more than oiled coniferous wood.

Natural oiled fir floors are both welcoming and natural.

Fir parquet - for a hyggelig home

Fir parquet is trendy: The welcoming knot pattern brings lightness to your home, the vibrant grain and the pleasantly soft wood fibers radiate naturalness.

The best way to enjoy this unique natural wood parquet is to experience it fully with the senses of sight, smell and touch. The softness of the wood feels velvety and warm under foot and the scent of fir has a relaxing and very calming effect on us. Fir appears naturally very warm and light. However, finishing with natural linseed-based oil gives the surface different colour nuances, ranging from white to silver and gray.


Scandinavian living with fir

Your own home as a refuge from the hustle and bustle: when we experience stress and noise outdoors, we create an oasis where we can slow down with natural materials such as oiled fir parquet and iridescent cream colors as well as an interior made of warm oak and elegant marble.

The timeless Scandinavian style celebrates the appreciation of simple design and authentic materials.
This very natural living style features no decoration overload and only a few accents in black. The home colors are preferably kept tone on tone. Structured materials, such as rattan, coarse linen or cuddly bouclé fabrics, are combined with bright, welcoming types of wood.

Oiled fir boards between 22 and 30 cm wide create a real feeling of connection with the floor with their velvety, porous feel, in every room. The typical Scandinavian aesthetic is created precisely from this simplicity and at the same time incredible beauty that nature gives us.

Easy care and repair

Nature is ingenious - that is why the pine boards are exclusively oiled with natural linseed-based oil
This type of finishing maintains the porosity of the wood and thus automatically all its positive properties.

The boards can therefore continue to absorb moisture in the room and release it back into the room. This not only demonstrably improves the indoor climate, it is also possible to carry out spot repairs on a case-by-case basis. Whereas, the entire surface of coated parquet floors always has to be worked on, with natural wood it is possible to work on just one part.

Maintenance is just as simple: the floor is regularly wiped with a mixture of warm water and mafi wood soap. The valuable fats contained in the soap nourish the soil deep into every fiber. The fir parquet is thus cleaned and maintained simultaneously in just one wipe.

Over the years and decades, the fir takes on a unique patina that tells many stories and exudes its very own charm.

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