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Spruce brushed white oiled

Lenghts: 2480/3980 mm

Width: 190 mm

Thicknesses: 16|21 mm

Surface: brushed white oiled

Spruce is one of the most popular types of wood. It is widely used in the furniture industry, paper manufacturing, packaging, and construction.




Bright and easy to combine: mafi SPRUCE natural wood floors

As flooring, spruce works particularly well, because the bright, sunny color of the wood is ideal for creating spaces that you want to flood with light.

In Europe, the spruce is one of the most important tree species and is the type of wood most commonly used in industry. Spruce grows particularly well in the mountainous regions of northern, central, and southern Europe. Its distribution extends in the east to Russia and can also be found in parts of North America and Asia. The common European spruce is known as Norway spruce in North America.

mafi Spruce: stable, natural & healthy

brushed/white oil mafi SPRUCE in the Alpine collection is attracting more and more customers, also internationally: the Norway spruce planks come in mafi's typical three-layer construction with light lengthwise chamfering. The top layer is about 5 mm (roughly 3/16 inches) thick, with another layer of the same wood and in the same thickness running in the opposite direction underneath. Spruce typically has a lot of knots. The surface is fine-grained, while the overall look is quite lovely and even.

Spruce flooring for a Scandinavian style at home

Lovers of Scandinavian and minimalist style will fall in love with mafi's brushed & white-oiled SPRUCE flooring. The light wood of the spruce combined with clean lines and bright wall colors can make for truly pleasant home environments. The Scandinavians love natural materials like wood because they reflect heat and light during their long, dark winters.

Advantages and disadvantages of spruce flooring

Spruce is best suited in private applications because it is relatively soft and can be rapidly worn in high traffic areas. mafi SPRUCE may work best in bedrooms or guest rooms. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry, because any traces of daily use just give the wood its unique look and will develop a good patina over time. Regular washing with soap (such as mafi's wood floor soap), these planks will keep their shape for years to come.

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