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Sustainable elegance with Nero Oak Vulcano herringbone 90°, brushed, naturally oiled


- Nero Oak Vulcano Herringbone 90° - A classic in today’s living environment   

- A dream home with dark floors - this is how you combine Vulcano oak herringbone

- the mafi thermal process for color-intensive floors without a guilty conscience

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From classic to contemporary furnishing styles - the Nero OAK Vulcano herringbone 90°, brushed, naturally oiled is a versatile companion that can be easily combined.



A rich dark brown color and a classic herringbone laying combined with the timeless Nero OAK Vulcano herringbone 90°.

Nero OAK Vulcano Herringbone - A classic in today’s living environment


A real eye-catcher: the Nero OAK Vulcano herringbone 90°. This oak parquet immediately casts a spell on you. And that’s a promise. 

The rich, deep brown shade exudes an elegant, almost venerable look. The modern interpretation of the generous herringbone laid at 90° lends the room an enormous optical width. Tip: The large-format design of these unusual plank formats comes into its own particularly well in large, light-flooded rooms where you want to emphasise the spaciousness of the room even more. Whereas many small wooden planks in the classic herringbone installation look restless, the planks with a length of between 78 cm and over one meter and widths of 15 cm to 23 cm exude a sense of airiness and modern zeitgeist.

The Nero OAK Vulcano herringbone 90° in three words: Elegant. Sturdy. Versatile.


Perfect color matching - this is how you combine the dark herringbone parquet

The Nero OAK Vulcano herringbone is undoubtedly predestined as an enhancer for a classic furnishing style or the popular colonial style. Curved Biedermeier furniture blends just as well with this particular herringbone parquet as a heavy leather-covered couch setting á la Out of Africa..

It gets exciting as soon as you compare this elegant, dark brown floor classic with modern interiors and contemporary architecture. Courageous contrasts when it comes to interior colors are just as exciting. Strong splashes of color in turquoise, pink or fire red work just as well here as clear white or light gray. The almost black floor surface provides the perfect backdrop to really allow the colors to shine.

A consciously chosen mix of materials can also create tension in the room. Smooth, reflective surfaces such as mirrored furniture set stylish accents and provide a touch of glamor paired with a dash of glitzy retro style.

Beautiful colors thanks to the chemical-free mafi thermal treatment


The elegant, dark brown shade of the planks can be achieved completely naturally and without chemicals - just with water, heat and wind. Three strong elements that are able to transform the light, honey-colored oak planks into a beautiful medium brown to dark brown or even almost black.  
This innovative mafi thermal process creates a consistent coloration and also renders the plank resistant to mold and pests. The natural swelling and shrinking behavior as well as internal tensions are enormously reduced by the Vulcan treatment.

Vulcano oak floors are therefore a sustainable alternative to tropical wood - dark colors without a guilty conscience.


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