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Textured beech parquet: Natural wood planks made for relaxation

- Fine, textured beech planks to relax your soles 

- Dark beech parquet in modern architecture with innovative mafi heat treatment

- Finished with natural oil to create real barefoot floors

READING TIME: approx. 2 minutes 

Palpable wellness: The vibrant Fresco Punto texture spans the entire space. Chemical-free heat treatment creates a dark shade and is a sustainable alternative to tropical wood. 

A rich shade of brown gives any space a calming, incredibly earthy effect. The fine Fresco Punto texture massages the soles of your feet with every step for pure relaxation in your day-to-day life. The Fresco planks in a Punto pattern are showstoppers in any living concept.

Beech parquet with Vulcano Fresco Punto texture: for palpable relaxation

The sophisticated beech Vulcano Fresco Punto, naturally oiled, has an extraordinary plank design: First, the beechwood is transformed into a beautiful chocolate brown using chemical-free heat treatment, before it is given a very fine, uniform texture and then purified with natural oil. The result is a parquet like no other and invites you to walk barefoot.

The dark appearance calms and grounds any room. The Fresco Punto texture is not only a treat to touch, it is also a real eye-catcher with exciting optical effects that change with the light. This flooring is the best choice for room concepts that aim to exude coziness and a certain extravagance from the off. 

An absolute must with this natural wood floor: Always walk on it barefoot.  

Heat-treated dark beech parquet in modern architecture

Dark parquet is both adaptable and stylish.   
Not only is dark, grounding parquet excellent for classic properties, like old apartments with high ceilings and spacious rooms, but also—and especially—modern architecture.  
Puristic interiors and contemporary, cool-looking building materials like concrete, glass, and blue steel demand a counterpart that oozes coziness and makes rooms livable again. The solution: Natural wood parquet, which today is not only used for floors but walls and ceilings too. Beech planks made into a washbasin or cabinet door in the bathroom are particularly creative. 
The best thing about heat-treated natural wood parquet is that it is the perfect alternative to tropical wood—no guilty consciences. Completely chemical-free using nothing but with water, wind, and heat, the dark shades penetrate every single wood fiber.  

Healthy surfaces with oiled floorboards

We have been celebrating wood for three generations. 

We leave the surface natural and open-pored to preserve all the wood's positive properties. Each plank is treated with natural linseed oil, which permeates the entire slat to cure it from the inside out.  
Walking barefoot, you immediately feel the contact between wood and skin. The plank stays warm and always feels velvety underfoot, even untextured.  
Wood is also antiseptic: Germs and bacteria struggle to stick, which is why more and more doctors are relying on wood and increasingly kitting out their practices with this healthy material.  

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