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The perfect foundation for every style of living: Naturally oiled oak country-style planks


- Three key aspects for cozy living: warm color, vibrant look, serious robustness 

- Oak Country is the perfect starting point for every style of living  
- Beautifully simple: cleaning and care in a wipe  
READING TIME: About 2.5 minutes  

Oak Country harmoniously combines naturalness and uniqueness unlike any other mafi natural wood parquet. The name "Country" refers to the planks' country-house style with a characteristic oak texture, plus cracks and branches with black accents that create an incredibly vibrant surface.  

No mafi parquet is as popular as our Oak Country. There are lots of reasons for this. Its incredible charm stems from the fact that we use the entire tree in all its uniqueness. Oak is also one of the sturdiest hardwoods, making it ideal for areas that are used a lot, whether for private homes or commercial spaces.

Naturally oiled Oak Country: A vibrant look with natural charm


It's no wonder Oak Country is one of the mafi's most popular parquet floors. It combines unique looks with serious robustness and natural charm. 
The oak's warm honey tone is underlined by the finish with natural oil, which simultaneously emphasizes the brilliantly vibrant texture.   
The natural cracks are filled in timeless black, highlighting the unique details of the oak and making every plank a work of art. Oak Country therefore stands for three key factors in cozy living: a warm, vibrant look, serious robustness, and phenomenal detail.  

Naturally oiled Oak Country in three words: Vibrant. Robust. Natural. 

Oak Country is the perfect foundation for every style of living

Another point in Oak Country's favor is its incredible simplicity – it adapts perfectly to every interior style. 
Its vibrancy radiates personality and is a beautiful addition to any traditional country-house style with romantic wicker furniture, bright living colors, delightful linen pillows, and heavy, solid-wood furniture. 
Oak Country is also a favorite for modern interior design, though, with its distinctive country-style planks that imbue puristic interiors with simple, cubist warmth and coziness. 

Less is more: Holistic interior projects with Oak Country

Minimalism with materials is becoming more and more popular in contemporary architecture. 
To create a harmonious overall look, it is better to choose a few high-quality building materials and combine them than to risk an agitated look with too many different colors and structures.  
Particularly timeless and elegant when everything from floor, doors, walls, ceiling beams, different furniture solutions, and stairs are all made of the same wood. 
The parquet floor blends into the shelves and vice versa, while the dining table made of the same wood merges discreetly into the landscaped interior, and cleverly arranged floor boxes act as an ingenious technical solution.  
In addition to wood's unique feel-good character, man and beast also benefit from a demonstrably healthy and noticeably more livable environment.  

Caring for natural wood parquet is incredibly easy

Use mafi wood soap to wipe dirt off the floor and maintain it at the same time: mafi parquet is porous so that the glorious grease contained in the soap can penetrate deep into the plank and strengthen it from the inside out, protecting the surface from all kinds of stains.  

Simply mix the soap with warm water and apply it with a 100% cotton mop – the planks' high-quality, symmetrical three-layer construction means they remain dimensionally stable despite the moisture and then release it again through the surface.

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