28.06.2018Products of the month

Tiger OAK black brushed natural oiled

Lengths: 1800/2000/2400 mm

Widths: 110-240 mm

Thickness: 16|19 mm

Surface: brushed natural oiled

As lively as a Tiger – an extravagant Oak parquet

The beauty of the unspoiled, skilfully pushed onto the peak of floor design - this idea gives the Tiger Oak collection its unique character. The natural wood floor with the eponymous stripe look is created by the interaction between the natural properties of the wood and the creative craftsmanship and technical know-how of the Austrian manufacturer. The result is an extravagant, hard-wearing design parquet with a high-quality three-layer construction, which is also suitable for bathrooms with underfloor heating.

Oak is in great demand as a modern classic as its hard wood impresses with its natural resistance and noble appearance. Characteristic features such as knots and cracks are quite desirable - and here the mafi Tiger Oak, with its brushed and natural oiled surface comes into play. Both the fine and thick cracks, along with the intense play on warm brown colours only emerge during the artistic finishing process of each plank.

The carefully selected planks, which also contain smaller knots, are treated purely with heat, air and water and without any chemical additives. The Vulcano process, developed by mafi, provides the desired dark colour and increases the robustness of this hard wood. Especially for the Tiger Oak, one also uses a short, but intense heat in order to bring out the numerous cracks in a controlled way. Experience, tact and state-of-the-art technology are necessary as only a material-appropriate treatment leads to the long-lasting quality of the parquet.

The cracks are then filled with putty by hand and, after brushing and oiling, form the uniquely lively surface with its emphasised grain and shading. A particularly harmonious overall appearance is provided by the variant with black wood putty, which blends seamlessly into the warm colour environment and suits different furnishing styles. Additionally, the colour of the cracks can be chosen freely, tailored to the individual ambience of a living room or to the brand identity of a company.

As a healthy natural wood floor, the Tiger Oak black is characterised by its open-pored surface finished with a linseed based oil. The oil penetrates deeply into the wood, preserving its natural beauty and allowing it to fully unfold its beneficial effects on the room climate. This reduces the effort for cleaning and care, with even stains and signs of wear being easily removed without having to rework the entire floor.