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Timeless and charming: OAK Sand, brushed and naturally oiled


- Inviting and with character: OAK Sand, brushed and naturally oiled

- A floor that fits every room concept

- An uncomplicated companion: care and cleaning in one step

READING DURATION: approx. 2 minutes

With a strong character, but without being intrusive, OAK Sand impresses with its warm color tones and a refined look with knots filled with sand-colored putty.

Natural and completely timeless: OAK Sand flooring from mafi.

Inviting and timeless: OAK Sand, brushed, naturally oiled

The really special thing about OAK Sand is that, in addition to its lively grain, every knot in its unique knot pattern is filled with sand-colored putty by hand.

The sand tone harmonizes beautifully with the warm tones of oak and makes the knots appear a little more subtle and welcoming. The surface still looks lively, the knots also come into their own, but take a little more of a backseat than usual.

Finishing with natural linseed-based oil further emphasizes the warm color of the oak. The result: an inviting honey tone that exudes coziness and comfort. 
mafi OAK Sand, brushed, naturally oiled In three words: Timeless. Robust. Inviting. 

Suitable for every room concept: timeless oak flooring with a natural look

The characterful surface of OAK Sand gives every room a tremendous sense of comfort. 
The typical grain of the oak and the large number of subtle knots radiate tremendous naturalness that works well with any furnishing concept. 

It creates a cozy foundation for modern living spaces with lots of glass that exude a sense of home.
Classic or traditional design concepts benefit from its enormous adaptability, because OAK Sand goes with any interior style. It offers the perfect stage for simple, clean lines in a kitchen or bold and colorful retro pieces in the living area. It also works well with grand antiques from the nineteenth century.

Caring for your oak floors is so uncomplicated

OAK Sand also clearly scores in terms of suitability for everyday use.
So it is really very undemanding and easy to care for: just wipe mafi wood floor soap on a regular basis to keep it resistant to stains and dirt. 

The fat contained in the soap leaves a protective film on the floor surface, which ensures that no dirt can penetrate the pores of the wood. In this way, the oak flooring is not only cleaned, but also nurtured whenever it is washed. Over the years, an increasingly stronger and more resistant surface will develop.

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