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Timeless naturalness and refined color: OAK Country 1x natural, 1x white oiled


- The natural and stable plank from mafi: OAK Country

- Authentic color thanks to mixed oiling

- Care and color customization with mafi wooden floor soap

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Oak Country is one of the most natural and timeless products in the mafi portfolio. Architects, designers and end customers are increasingly turning to this popular natural wood flooring.

The mixed surface of 1x natural, 1x white oiled is not only an exciting new Oak tone, but also a perfect example of the flexibility of the mafi surface.

mafi's wide country planks offer a strong character that's natural and stable.

Oak Country is the prime example of a high-quality wide plank. Original, authentic, and as unadulterated as possible, the flooring design creates a timeless look marked with knots, cracks, and a distinctive grain. At the same time, the plank results in a robust wooden floor that will last for many years.

OAK Country 1x natural, 1x white oiled is therefore particularly well suited for room concepts that require a timeless foundation with a lot of natural character.

The appearance is complemented by the technical properties of the floor: mafi planks have a symmetrical structure, where the top and bottom layers are made of the same wood, with the same initial thickness and the same thermal treatment. Underfloor heating is not a problem with these engineered planks which also maximize stability.

Authentic color thanks to mixed oils

There is always that honest, back-home feeling slumbering in the wood. To realize this, people need direct skin contact with the wood. mafi oils all floors and lets them air dry. This protects the wood, but the surface remains pleasantly warm, open-pored and unadulterated.

The mixed oiling in 1x natural and 1x white is particularly special in terms of color:
This color is an option for all those who find the natural oak too yellow and the white oiled oak too cold and modern.

Easy care and individual play of colors with the mafi wooden floor soap

Clean these natural wood floors with mafi soap, which not only removes impurities, but also supplies the floor with valuable oils when wiped. What remains is a clean and well-kept surface, which becomes more and more resistant to stains and scratches over the years.

Good to know: The surface with the 1x natural and 1x white oiling can be cleaned either with the usual soap for wood floors or the white soap, depending on your preference.

If you choose the white soap, it will reinforce the cool surface look. In contrast, the natural soap does not show any light color pigments and rather emphasizes the warm color of the oak.

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