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Tried and tested OAK Clear, but in a completely new raw-wood tone


- We present our new tone: the raw wood look

- How to match OAK Clear, brushed, raw wood look
- Easy care and cleaning of the raw wood look

READING DURATION: approx. 1 minute  

With the beautiful raw wood look, we have succeeded in creating a surface that retains the typically warm oak tone , but appears lighter and especially less yellowish.  

Oak Clear, brushed, raw wood look impresses with its largely uniform surface appearance and warm, bright tone. A timeless choice.

Raw wood look: a completely new shade for the OAK Clear


mafi is all about authentic, unadulterated wood floors.
The raw wood look, our new tone, perfectly reflects this philosophy.
The new color tone unites the warmth that oak wood typically exhibits with the brightness of freshly cut wood. So what does it look like?

The result is a very natural shade that is not nearly as as yellowish-warm as oak with the natural oiling, but also not as cool as the oak with white oiling. Rather, the raw wood look offers a modern oak look which still appears brighter than our 50:50 natural and white oiling mixture.The surface appearance of the mafi OAK Clear is extremely uniform, resulting exclusively from the refined grain of the oak and the natural wood tone, all without knots or cracks.

mafi OAK clear, brushed, raw wood look in three words: Natural. Timeless. Robust.

A timeless all-rounder: fits in any setting


The mafi OAK clear in raw wood look offers a clean, uniform look that combines very easily with almost anything. It fits in perfectly with contemporary, minimalist room concepts, but also goes perfectly with classic furnishing ideas. The timeless surface is also suitable for traditional designs to the trendy Scandi chic.

Anything goes: the timeless OAK Clear, with its bright, friendly tone will blend in harmoniously into the overall look for every furnishing concept.

But not only the timeless look of this oak flooring is convincing, also its extreme robustness. After all, oak is one of the hardest hardwoods of all.  

Simple care and cleaning of the raw wood look


After laying, the OAK Clean, raw wood look, is cared for with natural care oil balm. The fats it contains provide the wood with the care so important for maintaining its appearance. What remains is a surface that is resistant to any stains, but without any annoying greasy film.

Over the long term, all it takes to care for the oak flooring is simple, regular wiping with just pure water and mafi wood soap. This both cleans and cares for the floor at the same time.

The cleaning properties of the soap have an antibacterial and antiseptic effect. And the natural fats contained in the soap always refresh the resistance of the floor's surface. This creates a durable, beautiful patina over the years and decades that successfully defies stains and damage. 

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