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Vibrant, but not too rustic: OAK Sand for a natural living atmosphere


- Oak Sand, white oiled: Robust oak parquet with natural character  

- Furnishing with timeless oak flooring 

- Healthy indoor climate due to its open-pored wood surface 

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White oiled Oak Sand allows a lot of flexibility with furnishing. Its harmonious, white oiled surface is the ideal basis for a wide variety of living styles. From classic to Scandinavian to modern room concepts, it offers an enormous range of possibilities.  

A harmonious surface image that in spite of everything shows character: Oak Sand from mafi

Vibrant but not rustic: Oak Sand, white oiled

In the colourful mafi portfolio, Oak Sand is probably best classified between the Oak Astig and Oak Country styles. The size and number of branches open up a new alternative with regard to the natural character of the wood – not too rustic, but still natural.  

The branches are closed with sand-coloured closures and harmonise beautifully with the natural colour of the oak. Especially the white oiled version has a constantly harmonious surface appearance with natural, desired exclamation marks that give every room a very authentic basis. 

But not only is the very appealing look convincing, but also the extreme robustness of the oak wood, which allows even heavy use without problems.

OAK Sand, white oiled in three words: Timeless. Natural. Stable.

Living and furnishing with natural oak parquet

The success story of oak as flooring continues unabated.
Why? This can be attributed primarily to the stability of this type of wood as well as to its timeless appearance. Due to its rather gentle grain and natural charm, oak parquet is a timeless companion and thus the ideal basis for some living styles.  
Especially the white oiling and Oak Sand's lightly filled knots give this parquet an extremely friendly and inviting appearance. 
Combined with light birch or ash furniture and home colours in muted pastel shades, a Scandinavian living space is created in no time.  
But the oak also cuts a fine figure in a dark interior made of noble walnut and then acts as a contrasting counterpart - ideal for classic-traditional living concepts. Even for the popular industrial style and modern minimalism, the restrained Oak Sand is the perfect starting point.  

A healthy indoor climate thanks to its open-pored wood surface

Wood is amazing. That's why we leave it as it is, of course.  
After finishing with natural oil, each mafi plank has a still open-pored surface, which brings many advantages. In this way, the flooring can absorb air humidity in the room and then release it back into the room. The wood thus demonstrably contributes to a healthy and noticeably more pleasant indoor climate. In addition to the better air quality, you also benefit from the feel of the natural wood surface. Because the non-layer-forming oil based on linseed oil leaves a surface that feels warm to the touch when it comes into direct contact with the skin.  

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