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Wellness with every step: oak parquet with a grooved Riva Mezzo surface

- A visual and haptic delight: The structured Oak Country Vulcano Riva Mezzo 
- Expertly engineered dark parquet floor 
- How to: Easy care and stain removal 
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The textured surface and chocolate shade of Oak Country Vulcano Riva Mezzo oak create an outstanding feel and ambience. From country house to Mediterranean palazzo, this parquet flooring is the ideal complement for a wide range of furnishing styles. 

Feel-good flooring for calming, relaxing room concepts that stand out from the crowd with their natural feel and vibrancy.

A natural yet refined feel: the Oak Country Vulcano Riva Mezzo

mafi's innovative thermal treatment produces a rich chocolate shade using only water and heat. The process is completely free of chemicals. The interplay between lighter and darker segments of wood gives the surface of the Oak Country Vulcano a vibrant, natural look.

The natural, hand-refined cracks are filled in timeless black putty and are an authentic, sophisticated complement to the overall aesthetic. The "icing on the cake" is the structure of the floor, with linear grooves that not only serve as a point of visual interest but deliver but a deliciously pleasant massage effect when walking.  
Imagine it - the pleasantly textured, warm structure under the soles of your feet while you wait for the espresso to brew in the morning!  

Experly engineered dark parquet

Dark parquet gives any room a sophisticated, timeless look while simultaneously creating a pleasantly cozy ambience. This medium brown, textured oak parquet pairs very well with natural materials such as stone or leather and is particularly effective in combination with warm living colours and plenty of light.  
Mediterranean furnishing concepts are an outstanding match for the refined parquet surface. Airy linen curtains, rattan and antique wooden furniture with a "perfectly imperfect" feel are ideal additions for a touch of Italian interior flair. 
However, modern interiors and bright white tones can also be effortlessly combined with the dark yet vibrant Oak Country Riva Mezzo for a beautiful result. Here, it is precisely the contrast in materials and colours that creates the interesting and luxurious ambience. 

One-step care and cleaning

Does the structure make it more difficult to care for the floor?  
Dust or dirt can easily be cleaned with suction or removed without residue during regular damp wiping. 
One-step care and cleaning: Wipe with water and mafi wood floor soap. 
This not only serves to clean the floor, but also to maintain it. 
The fats contained in the soap nourish each and every wood fibre with important ingredients that make the floor resistant to stains and scratches.  
However, if a minor scuff or spillage does occur, stains can easily be removed with hot water and a larger quantity of soap. As such, an oiled (and thus open-pore) natural wood parquet always represents a sustainable and durable flooring option.

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