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White-oiled OAK boarded parquet flooring: where classic meets modern


A floor that is not only designed for representation rooms: We show how to best combine a classic boarded parquet flooring.

mafi's boarded parquet flooring - extremely durable and robust.

How can wood favor our health? 

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While boarded parquet flooring is considered a classic to confer elegance to representation rooms, this item offers manifold applications. Combined as a break in style with modern furniture, this character floor is ideal for rooms seeking a warm extravagance.

Mafi’s white-oiled OAK boarded parquet flooring from the new Passato collection is an extremely durable floor for furnishing designs with an edge. To sum it up in three words, mafi's boarded parquet flooring is elegant, robust, and healthy.

A classic floor pattern comes to life again - a modern take on mafi's oak boarded parquet flooring

In the flooring industry, mafi is known as an innovative, natural wood flooring manufacturer, always looking for new and creative ideas to give spaces a stylish edge.

When creating the OAK boarded parquet flooring, however, mafi's product designers did not look towards the future as usual, but rather went back in time to find tried and tested solutions. Thus was born the idea of the brand new Passato collection, which offers boarded parquet flooring in four different patterns.

Strips in mafi's boarded parquet flooring (A pattern) are arranged at 45° angle in the middle part of the board, and artfully framed by a frieze. The result is a boarded parquet flooring of timeless beauty, which can thus be flawlessly combined with classic but also modern interiors.

mafi's boarded parquet flooring: from classic and representation spaces to playful and modern room concepts

The boarded parquet flooring (A pattern) consists of robust oak wood finished with white natural oil. This finishing gives the otherwise very warm oak shade a touch of coolness and makes the surface appear lighter and friendlier.

Only hand-picked oak wood with a calming appearance is used for each individual parquet board. This is done to ensure that the artistically arranged pattern comes into its own, and the enticing overall picture is not concealed by large knots or cracks.

Regardless of whether it is installed on a small or large area, the white-oiled OAK boarded parquet flooring (A pattern) is always inviting , giving every room an almost majestic effect albeit with a pleasant grip.

Is boarded parquet flooring outdated? Quite the opposite in fact.

This is the best way to combine the boarded parquet flooring today: While the A pattern is lively and dynamic, it still conveys a calming and pleasant look when installed. Especially with the white oiling, the surface appearance is all the more relaxed and harmonious.

 Because of this visual simplicity, the boarded parquet flooring (A pattern) adapts wonderfully to any space. You might think that such a classic floor would be naturally matched to an equally classic interior -far from it! Nowadays, the boarded parquet flooring is arranged with clean kitchen blocks or put together with modern materials and simple furniture. But the boarded parquet flooring also looks great outside the kitchen and living room. Even in quiet rooms, such as bedrooms or guest rooms, the boarded parquet flooring shines friendly and inviting despite its somewhat extravagant appearance.

Extreme durability thanks to the high-quality, symmetrical three-layer construction

The OAK boarded parquet flooring (A pattern) features a symmetrical three-layer construction with a circumferential chamfer, and tongue and groove on all sides for endless lay-down. Bot the top and back layers consist of an approx. 4-mm oak board, and the middle layer features of a three-layer board. This counter-move on the back of each individual boarded parquet flooring element reduces the natural movement of the wood, and thus minimizes the parquet's occasional sagging or warping. All three wood layers are bonded together with chemical-free white glue.

Each boarded parquet flooring element is a 70x70 cm square with a total thickness of 19 mm. The boarded parquet flooring (A pattern) features a very dynamic design. In the inner part of the boarded parquet flooring, strips are arranged at a 45° angled and finally framed by a frieze. This type of pattern visually enlarges the available space while expressing a certain playfulness.

Naturally oiled wood for a healthy indoor climate

Like all mafi’s floorings, strips in boarded parquet flooring are oiled with natural, linseed-based oil. We allow the oil to penetrate deep into every wood fiber. Because the deeper the oil penetrates into the running layer, the more robust and stable it is against stains and scratches.

 Another great advantage of this surface refinement is that the running layer remains open-pored, i.e. it can still absorb moisture in the room and release it back into it. This natural property of wood demonstrably contributes to a better living environment for humans and animals.

When it comes to maintenance, oiled natural wood floors are extremely simple. Just wipe them at regular intervals with wooden soap and warm water. The soap cleans and takes care of the floor because it also contains valuable oils.


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