19.02.2020Project Reports

A floor for rooms to feel good in: The OAK Country by mafi


- The perfect choice: The oak country plank for modern villas in Australia

- Healthy living in your own walls is becoming increasingly important

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When it comes to the mafi country house plank, you might immediately think of a traditional furnishing concept - but you'd be quite a ways off in that assumption! Even in combination with a modern interior, the lively hallway manages to combine with its surroundings to create a coherent overall concept.

The mafi "OAK Country, naturally oiled" has an extremely lively surface that gives even modern rooms a cozy atmosphere with a large portion of feel-good character.

The mafi plank - in a new way

For the extravagant villa in Melbourne, Australia, the well-known team of architects from Nicholas Murray Architect deliberately chose a natural wood floor with a strong character.
The very lively surface of the "OAK Country, naturally oiled" displays a variety of branches of different sizes as well as artistic cracks that mix with an exciting wood grain.
The cracks arise during drying in a completely natural way, which are then closed by hand. The last finishing step is the oiling of the plank with natural oil based on linseed oil, which underlines the honey-colored, warm color and the beautiful grain of the oak wood.

The OAK Country is the ideal choice for contemporary architecture, which, in addition to all its modernity and straightforwardness, demands a natural basis.


Comfort meets modernity

The lively surface and the striking look of naturally oiled OAK Country ensures a certain degree of traction in the otherwise state-of-the-art wood-glass building.
Modern living needn't mean giving up comfort: design classics such as the Eames Lounge Chair and an organic fireplace in the middle of the room create a successful and, above all, desired contrast to the striking floor space, which lends the room a great deal of comfort, thanks to its natural feel.

The extreme room height, the large glass fronts and the puristic interior made of black and white leather and smooth polished stainless steel deliberately and beautifully contrast with the natural, original wooden surface. The team of architects succeeds so successfully in making floor space and furniture work in their own right, standing out from one another, but at the same time creating a harmonious overall picture. Even stairs and walls are covered with the OAK country look. It's a natural look and feel - on all levels.

Live healthy with an ecologically produced mafi natural wood floor

Optics are not everything. Therefore, when choosing the right floor, it's important not only to base your decision on the desired surface appearance, but also to ask whether it's also an environmentally-friendly product.

The importance of healthy living is taking on ever increasing importance in the field of private home construction and design. Private builders are therefore increasingly relying on sustainably produced, natural building materials so that on the one hand no pollutants are delivered at home and on the other hand they can benefit from a pleasant living environment.

The mafi plank fulfills both criteria: All mafi floors are formaldehyde-free and have no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). mafi achieves this by only working with natural oils when finishing the planks and because only white glue is used for gluing all layers of wood, which is completely chemical-free.

Thus you not only benefit from a beautiful look, but also from a demonstrably healthy indoor climate.

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