05.08.2022Project Reports

A single family home with Scandinavian clarity

- Nordic living: Scandi-style furnishing

- Mix of materials for an exciting contrast: stainless steel meets larch floorboards

- Sustainable and easy to clean: oiled wood surfaces as trusted companions 

READING TIME: 2.5 minutes

With their spatial concept, the HEIMA architects from Lithuania create a clean, but also cosy living environment. The creative team relies on natural materials: light wood for the floor and interior and rattan for decorative elements that are all coordinated with indirect sources of light. 


The near snow-white larch parquet with a width of 30 cm and lengths of up to five meters render rooms airy, open and bright. The ideal base for Scandinavian clarity.

Furnishing in the Scandinavian style

In the green district of Vilnius in Lithuania, the architects at HEIMA architects design a single-family home that owes its charm to a generous layout, natural materials and pale colors in the living areas. 
The spacious, light-flooded living room that's just next to the kitchen area offers ample space for family life, guests and leisure activities and functions as a communication hub.
The naturally finished deep white mafi larch planks reflect the daylight that streams in and make the living room bright and friendly. 
A mobile dresser with pull-out drawers that doubles as seating and spare shelving systems integrated into the wall offer plenty of storage space in the house. For the color palette, the interior designers have opted for subdued gray and chalky white, which harmonize perfectly with the similarly light wood on the walls and floors. A cosy sofa landscape in Softgrey discreetly invites you to share and unwind while a hanging chair made of rattan offers space for daydreaming. 
With this thoroughly functional, streamlined design, the architects create a perfectly obvious and, above all, timeless style of living that later can also be nicely combined with other living concepts.

Material mix as contrast: Stainless steel meets larch planks

As harmonious as the colors in the living space are, so contrasting are the architects' choice of materials: Modern, gleaming, stainless steel kitchen facades  merge with virtually snow-white larch parquet flooring. To solid wood furniture made of warm oak wood cool wall installations in ash. 
But also the different shapes of furniture contrast with one another. Round, whimsical elements such as the large dining table and the two smaller side tables are combined to create a sleek interior. 
The architects' lighting arrangement is very understated. Refined and well concealed, the rooms of the country house are only illuminated by indirect light, creating a cozy, feel-good ambience. Discreet light strips under the kitchen unit and simple spotlights in the ceiling are deliberately recessed into the background, allowing the distinctive larch wood to take center stage. 

Natural wood floorboards are so easy to maintain and so sustainable

The open-pored nature of mafi larch parquet has been proven to contribute to a healthy indoor climate because the plank can absorb the ambient humidity and then release it back into the room. 
The result: a noticeably fresh and pleasant indoor environment.   
However, this unique surface feature also has many practical benefits. That's how it's possible that any stains can be selectively and easily removed with soap and hot water. The opposite is the case ith lacquered parquet or other sealed surfaces and the entire surface must then always be treated.  
Regular wiping with soap and water will keep the natural wood floorboards moisturized. The fats contained in the soap nourish the floorboards, making them sturdy and resistant to stains and the like, and over the years and decades creatie a robust surface with a noble patina.

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