23.09.2013Project Reports

A trip into advertising photography

Yogorino is an Italian company for homemade ice cream, frozen yoghurt and healthy desserts.

Today, we want to explicitly advertise or rather take a trip into advertising photography.

The brand advertises itself as "100% Natural, 100% Artificial free and 100% Health friendly" - a philosophy that mafi Natural Wooden Floors also pursues. And that’s why we were also glad to prepare the floor for the new product campaign from Yogorino. For the representative product images, mafi Walnut USA, sanded and naturally oiled, was selected - reserved, kept in the background but still delivering the right ambience.

The first Yogorino Store in Austria recently opened its doors in Forum1 in Salzburg. The cosy bar concept is upstairs in the Panorama area – and of course, equipped with a mafi floor. Today, you can find YOGORINOs unique brand stores over 250 times in 33 countries. Including Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Korea and the U.S.