17.06.2014Project Reports

A Waiting Room as a Wellness Oasis?

Holistic is probably the best way to describe the concept of Gabriele Maier’s Orthodontic Practice. This philosophy runs consistently through the Practice, starting with the team, onto the design of the practice and up to actual treatment.

For the transformation of the reception and waiting area of the practice, the building owner wanted a naturally occurring colour design along with the appropriate material selection and a new lighting concept.

The representative entrance is adorned with the mafi Tiger Oak black, brushed and naturally oiled. The thermally treated Oak is extremely robust and easy to maintain. The oiled surface and the resulting air exchange have a pronounced, positive effect on the room climate. This is also why mafi natural wooden floors are often used in medical institutions. The typical smell of disinfectant is reduced and replaced by a pleasant scent of wood. In addition, the Tiger Oak black captivates through a magnificent play of colours which together with the black cracks significantly accents the room without being discordant.

Responsible for the unusual design is [lu:p] Architecture GmbH. We asked Managing Director Renee Lorenz for a short statement:

"For the forest lighting design, a forest photo motif was attached to the walls of the waiting room. In the suspended ceiling more than 2500 leaves of different sizes form a dense canopy. Through the targeted use of indirect and direct lighting from different angles, the appearance is modelled by a canopy. In the seating area of the waiting room, moss-like cushions hang over wooden benches. Slender, carved round logs create the seat legs and through this form the wardrobe with milled coat hooks."

Gabriele Maier’s practice specialises in holistic orthodontics. This means that also the causes and any prevailing conditions need to be identified and addressed, and that from head to toe:

Even small stance problems, deviations in the arch of the foot or differences in leg length lead to over-compensating movements of the spine, and deviations in the position of the associated jaw joints.
The holistic therapy is necessary in many cases in both adolescents and adults.
Two examples:
- A chronic respiratory disease leads to breathing through the mouth, and thus to an incorrect position of the tongue. It results from an under-development of the upper jaw and over-development of the lower jaw.
- A deep bite leads to the rear facing position of the lower jaw and thus tension in the jaw joint, head and neck and onto a lack of restful sleep.

The goal of holistic orthodontics is to bring the treatment of disruptive influences to the fore, so that it should not only lead to a dental development but also contributes, in collaboration with other disciplines, to the development of the person.

Gabriele Maier’s Orthodontic Practice

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