30.11.2022Project Reports

Between two worlds: classic oak parquet meets burnished steel

- A mix of materials in a class of its own: burnished steel meets oak wood  

- Three floors connected by knot-free oak parquet 

- So simple: How to care for and repair mafi natural wood floors 
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The 1x natural and 1x white oiled Oak Clear parquet forms the basis on which the entire furnishing concept of this house is built around - From the living room, kitchen and bathroom to the hallway and stairs, natural oiled wood offers a timeless foundation that lends itself to any furnishing style.  

Natural wood parquet in a warm shade and cool steel are the main stylistic elements of this room concept. Light leather, lots of glass and burnished steel complete the high-quality ambiance.

Antithetic housing materials create a contrasting unity

The interior design of this project is full of contrasts, but it is precisely through this that it creates a unity again. As such, the welcoming, knot-free light oak parquet and the blue-gray burnished steel together create a harmonious combination of materials that runs through all three floors of this house.  
It is not just the different shades of these two materials, their feel and appearance could also not be more contrasting. With its beautiful grain, the haptic matte oiled wood feels pleasantly warm on the soles of the feet and was deliberately chosen to contrast with the smooth, cool steel.

Joining this predominant combination of materials are the sand-colored leather interiors and bright white walls, which add a lot of warmth and light to this exceptional home.  

Exciting solution details with matching oak elements

Along with the rather unusual arrangement of its rooms, the shape of this detached house in Hamburg is also somewhat extraordinary from the outside. The living areas are subdivided into different levels and thereby deliberately separated from each other. Only the continuation of steel and oak wood creates a connection between the individual meeting zones.  
Acting as both a divider and a connector, the oversized, sculptural oak and steel shelving unit successfully unites the cozy first floor living areas with the spacious second floor dining area.

There are many sophisticated solution details throughout the house, such as a floor box that imperceptibly merges with the floor surface, or the stairs with treads and risers that seem to float with noticeable distance between the white wall and gray steel. Another architectural eye-catcher is the walkway in the  house's gallery area, which underlines the simplicity and ease of this unique spatial concept. 

Parquet care has never been so easy

Maintenance and cleaning in just one step? - Sounds too good to be true, but it is!

mafi wood soap can be used throughout the house. It cleans the oak parquet while nourishing it with oils that strengthen it from the inside out. Over the years and decades, this creates a patina that protects the surface from any stains and scratches. 
With each wipe, a wonderfully woody scent wafts through the whole house, making you look forward to the next time you have to polish the floor!

Good to know: Isolated stains, such as in the kitchen from coffee and the like, can be tackled with hot water and pure wood soap.

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