21.05.2020Project Reports

Biophilic living with wood: mafi
Carving Club I for walls and doors


- The flexibility of wood: Carving Club I, brushed, grey oil as wall and door element.

- Biophilic interior design to fulfill the innate desire to be at one with nature.

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“Today's future-oriented interior design works primarily with healthy living materials. Oiled, natural wood surfaces with an eye-catching appearance like the grey-oiled Carving Club I are predestined for the biophilic approach to modern spaces."

Using mafi's innovative carving technology, Carving Club I features a classic plaid check pattern incorporated into the planks. The result: a natural wood surface with a special look that's particularly suitable for floors or even feature walls in extraordinary room concepts.

Carving Club I, brushed, grey oil: innovative design with a natural feel

The grey-oiled, natural Carving Club I flooring from the artistic mafi Carving Collection features a striking surface pattern for use in extraordinary designs. The Carving Collection combines the positive characteristics of a completely natural wood surface with a modern graphic design. A classic plaid check was chosen for the Carving Club I pattern.

Using mafi's carving technology, the plaid pattern is worked into each individual plank which is then finished with natural, linseed-based oil, but only after chemical-free heat treatment transforms the beech wood's naturally yellow-reddish hue into a rich brown. Oiling the wood surface beautifully brings out the natural grain of the beech wood. The lines of the plaid pattern artfully merge with the natural wood look to turn your surface into a unique piece of art.

Biophilic living: Canadian home with healthy natural wood

"Biophilia" describes our innate desire to be at one with nature. And it is precisely this longing that becomes stronger the more time we spend indoors. And who's not doing that nowadays? We spend up to 90% of our days either in the office or at home. Of course, this is not healthy in the long run. So why not bring nature home?

The team of architects at Perron Design from Québec followed this approach exactly in its design for this beautifully situated family home. They chose the most natural of all living materials as wall, floor, and ceiling surfaces: wood. The architects set accents with mafi Carving Club I, staging it perfectly as a sliding door in the home's foyer and as a massive wall element in the stairwell.

The wooden wall element in the Carving Club I design creates a visual link between the home's, adding not only a striking design element, but also a bit of nature into the entire space.

Modern designs with patterned interiors

Less is more: use single-colored pieces with sleek lines and timeless colors such as beige, white, and light grey to allow the patterns on the wall and door elements to develop their full charisma.

The architects at Perron Design combined large-format, smooth floor tiles in a timeless grey with a lot of wood. The grey floor forms the perfect stage for the many different wood tones seen throughout the home. The successful mix continues with modern materials such as glass and door frames in an anthracite-grey metal and cubic wooden sideboards with simple, modern lines.

Large areas on the walls and window fronts in a brilliant white bring a lot of light into the home and make the spaces seem even larger. Thanks to the carefully selected materials and the many window elements that offer views of the green outdoors, the architects have successfully brought the nature outside into the interior of the living space.

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