23.09.2020Project Reports

City loft with clean lines in Arlington, USA with OAK Clear, brushed, extreme white oil


- A timeless look: OAK Clear extreme white oil in an Arlington loft.

- Modern design: creating strong contrasts with interior colors 

- Healthy room climate thanks to open-pored wood surface 

approx. 2 minutes

If you really want to avoid trendy interior designs, we recommend mafi's timeless OAK clear extreme white oil: it's robust, natural, and easy to care for. 

A robust floor covering that is really compatible with every furnishing style: mafi OAK clear, brushed, extreme white oil pairs with every design concept, from classic to modern.

Natural and modern living with OAK clear, brushed, extreme white oil

For this light-flooded loft-style apartment in Arlington, VA, the architects at Interior Matter opted for a timeless natural wood floor that was completely free of knots.
The extreme white oil finish on the engineered oak flooring creates a harmonious and extremely calm surface appearance that further highlights the modern flair of this urban loft.
The naturally warm color of the oak is minimized by the extreme white oil finish, which lends the clean planks an extremely modern and bright look.

Due to the natural, charming restraint, the clear oak hardwood makes the perfect stage for every imaginable living style, whether Scandinavian chic, classic style, the industrial look, or even highly contemporary designs.

mafi OAK Clear, brushed, extreme white oil: a natural wood floor that creates a timeless living space that will remain completely unswayed by trends. 

An unbeatable trinity: Black. White. Oak.

"Strong contrasts. Clear formal language." That's the motto selected by the architects at Interior Matter for their design of this city loft with a gentle industrial character.

The matte-white, freestanding kitchen block with anthracite-colored worktop made of fine natural stone and the stylish seating area with two classic Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chairs in black skillfully stand out from the extremely light natural wood floor to create exciting contrasts in the extreme clean lines of this home.

The large, floor-to-ceiling windows in this city loft are framed in a matte black and bathe the space with lots of light. The light wood floors reflect this light and make the loft appear even larger, even wider. In a room design otherwise kept exclusively black and white, the dining area upholstered in orange and the plum-colored chaise longue act as cheeky splashes of color that catch the eye in this truly original, modern, urban space.

Less is often more. The deliberate reduction in colors and choice of materials that make this design so special also mean that it won't be prone to fads.  

Healthy indoor climate thanks to the open-pored wood surface

The finishing of each individual plank with natural linseed-based oil provides the oak wood with important fats that penetrate deep into every fiber of the floor's surface. As we finish the wood, we give it plenty of time to air dry completely without aids. 

The oil penetrates the entire wear layer and hardens from the inside out, but without leaving an unpleasant film of grease on the surface.

What remains is a wooden surface that invites the loft's residents to go barefoot and enjoy the feel of the surface. But not only the soles of their feet are pampered, the indoor climate is also demonstrably positively influenced by the open pores of the wood.

The oil preserves the natural properties of wood, namely, its ability to absorb moisture in the room and later release it back. Everyone in the space, people and pets alike, benefit from a healthy, noticeably better indoor climate.

The extreme white natural oiling not only creates a fresh look and a pleasant room climate, but also makes the oak planks appear robustly modern. Any color changes due to strong UV radiation can, as in this light-flooded city loft, be counteracted very simply with regular maintenance with the white mafi wooden floor soap, which refreshes the oak floors time and again. 

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