20.05.2021Project Reports

Classic living with dark herringbone parquet


- OAK Vulcano Medium herringbone as the basis for stylish living

- The ecological mafi thermal treatment

- A new trend? - The classic furnishing style

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If you enjoy a timeless lifestyle, opt for classic herringbone parquet.

The white oiled OAK Vulcano Medium Herringbone 90° impresses with its large-format installation and beautiful coloring.

Stylish elegance with white oiled herringbone parquet

Timeless, welcoming brown OAK Vulcano Medium 90° herringbone is an elegant choice for your floors. Depending on the lighting, the rows of planks appear alternately lighter or darker.
Yet even within each individual plank, there are beautiful shades of color ranging from lighter to darker brown. However, it is not only their natural play of colors that is so captivating, but also the finishing with white natural oil  - this lends the entire floor surface a fresh, homogeneous look.
In terms of stability, you can also definitely rely on the rich brown herringbone parquet; after all, oak is one of the hardest woods of all. 
Three words that describe OAK Vulcano Medium Herringbone: Timeless. Elegant. Robust. 

Vulcano parquet: dark floors without a guilty conscience

We named our completely ecological thermal treatment “Vulcano”.
It’s based on three simple and completely natural elements, namely wind, water and heat, which, when they act on the plank, create a beautiful color change.

In this way, the entire wood is specifically changed from a very light shade to a rich medium brown in a completely chemical-free way. 

Furnishing classically means furnishing timelessly

The residents of this single-family home in green Hilden, at the foot of Bergisches Land in Germany, demonstrate what classic living style means when implemented perfectly.
Thus, the cool brown of the  fishbone parquet  interior is chosen in the  same  shade: In addition to a brown, floor-to-ceiling genuine leather couch and two comfortable futons made of the same material, playful classic Biedermeier solid wood furniture features in the brightly lit living-dining area. 
Matt, white walls with timeless stucco and elegant and high lock strips in white create a strong contrast to the carefully chosen dark furniture and the brown herringbone parquet.

Just as elegant is the classic frieze that stylishly frames the herringbone surface and is a real focal point.

The direction of laying is also no coincidence, but was deliberately laid in the direction of incoming light, so that all the planks receive as even an amount of light as possible from the front. The floorboards laid at 90° result in typical arrowheads that literally draw you into the cozy living room and additionally highlight and expand the width of the room.

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