19.01.2022Project Reports

Classic mafi walnut parquet floor for the 800-year-old city of Mittweida


- If you want an exquisite classic: walnut parquet flooring never goes out of style.

- Sturdy walnut for a dignified look for the council chamber in Mittweida, Germany.

- Healthy indoor climate thanks to the open-pored surface.

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For the historic council hall of the city of Mittweida, Barbara Graupner from ATELIER no.4 opted for nothing less than a robust, elegant mafi walnut parquet floor.
The installation at 90° creates a particularly dignified setting in the historic halls of the town hall in Mittweida, Germany.

Chocolate-colored with light inlays and extreme robustness: mafi walnut sanded and naturally oiled represents the ideal basis for classic room concepts.

Classy look and extraordinary robustness: Walnut parquet flooring from mafi

mafi natural wood parquet flooring impresses on the one hand with its fine color tone and on the other hand with its very vibrant appearance. Light sapwood inlays and an exciting interplay of colors between classic chocolate brown and gentle honey tones cause a sensation and result in a feast of extravagance for the eyes. Walnut parquet flooring has always been considered a classic among parquet floors.

With its extreme hardness of around 48 N/mm² Brinell, walnut parquet is considered to be a very stable and robust wood, which, in addition to private areas, is also the perfect choice for heavily used rooms in the commercial sector.

mafi walnut USA, sanded and naturally oiled, in three words: Fine. Stable. Healthy.

Nussholzboden als Paradebeispiel für Eleganz und zeitlosen Charme

Walnut flooring as a prime example of elegance and timeless charm.
ATELIER no.4 has definitely achieved its goal of giving the council chamber a dignified setting.
The rich brown natural wood parquet floor fits particularly harmoniously in the historic room.

The bay windows with their mullioned windows like in the old days, covered in reddish porphyry stone, heavy curtains in light mud tones and the low ceiling height together with the walnut parquet result in an inviting and elegant overall picture.

The laying of the walnut floorboards at 90° looks particularly playful and are charmingly eye-catching in these honorable halls of the town hall. Once again, this successful project illustrates the timeless and exquisite charm this wood can radiate.

Natural oiling based on linseed oil to preserve all the positive properties of the wood

Because wood is naturally wonderful, mafi does not seal the parquet surface with varnish or wax or the like, but oils each plank with natural oil based on linseed oil.
mafi devotes sufficient time to this process so that the oil can penetrate the plank really deeply and care for it with precious fats.

The finishing with oil leaves behind a resistant, open-pored surface, which is one of the natural properties of walnut and has many useful advantages. Not only does the breathability of the wood demonstrably improve the indoor climate, it also guarantees that the soles of your feet are always warm. This not only saves heating costs, but also gives every room a healthy living comfort.

The oiling also makes it possible for heavily frequented floor areas, such as this beautiful council chamber, to be repaired very easily in the event of damage.
On the other hand, with coated parquet, the entire surface must always be treated.

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