28.08.2019Project Reports

Classical style of furnishing with dark brown mafi "OAK Country Vulcano, brushed, natural oil"

The brushed, rich brown oak floor gives the modern villa in the middle of the natural paradise of Sierra Gorda in Mexico a dignified living atmosphere.
Cream colored walls, light beige curtains and a stylish interior in elegant gray blend with the chocolate brown oak floorboards to create a harmonious living environment.


Sierra Gorda

Timeless look with dramatic details

The elegant appearance of these dark floorboards is interspersed by tastefully cemented black fissures, which arise naturally during drying, and thus give a room dramatic accents.
The warm, chocolate colored oak floor provides a smooth and serene foundation, which makes living rooms comfortable and cozy. A flooring, which is ideally suited to a classic style of furnishing and which exudes aristocratic charm.
But even modern room concepts with strong contrasts and a puristic interior can be implemented with this timeless all-rounder.

Chemical free thermal treatment for a beautiful look

Mafi floorboards are darkened by a completely chemical free thermal process in order to achieve this elegant, deep brown color. The gentle mafi thermal treatment  produces a beautiful brown shade through the use of high temperature and water. "Oak Country Vulcano, natural oiled" flooring captivates with both its pleasant colors and with its artistic hand carved fissures that make this flooring extra special. A characterful floor that is second to none.

This is how a classical style of furnishing is achieved

The  Mexican interior designer chooses light-colored wall colors and simple unobtrusive furniture for the single family house in order to create a timeless ambience. For this, it is best to combine textile accessories in various shades of soft pastel or gray. The basis for this classic style is a dark floor, which further emphasizes this stylish understatement and fills the room with elegance.