08.07.2021Project Reports

CO2negative soil is here.


- mafi: a family company that has focused on sustainability and healthy products for more than 100 years

- Sustainable production: At mafi, the whole tree is always used 

- Award-winning: mafi is the only floor manufacturer in the world to receive the Living Product Challenge certificate

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"Each of our planks takes a little of climate-warming emissions out of the atmosphere, because we work completely sustainably and environmentally friendly, and because wood binds CO2."  

mafi has always been a pioneer in environmental friendliness and healthy living. From the tree trunk to the finished plank, sustainable thinking runs through the entire production chain.  

Where does my natural wood floor come from and how was it made?

Finally a positive trend: consumers are increasingly questioning where their product comes from and under what conditions it was produced for people, animals and the environment.
The first generation of the family company mafi asked itself the same question - the third generation at mafi is doing the same as the first and with the same way of thinking, it is absolutely at one with the spirit of the times. 
Sustainability and climate protection have never been so important than they are today. 

mafi has already received numerous certificates for the immense efforts of the family business to work in as resource-efficient, energy-efficient and climate-neutral a way as possible. With the successful completion of the Living Product Challenge, one thing is also certain: natural wood floors from mafi save more CO2 than they consume and thus make their contribution to climate protection.

From tree trunk to floorboard: the sustainable production chain at mafi

More than just a marketing gimmick: mafi always uses the entire tree. Once the tree trunk has arrived at the sawmill, every branch, no matter how small, finds its task in the processing cycle - nothing is wasted. 
The sawdust produced heats the production facility as well as the surrounding households, provided that the pellet production goes beyond the company's own needs. The wood chips are dried with the exhaust air from the production halls. 
However, it is not only the resource-saving and energy-efficient production of the floors that leads to our negative CO2 emissions. Wood is a natural carbon store. This also applies after processing into planks. A wooden floor has thus bound all the carbon that the tree from which it was made: that carbon is withdrawn from the atmosphere. When walking on a mafi natural wood floor, every step leaves a positive ecological footprint.

Unique: mafi is the only natural wood floor manufacturer in the world to be awarded the LPC certificate

All of the wood at mafi is sourced from sustainable European forestry, which is then processed in the in-house plant. This major regional focus keeps transport routes short and CO2 emissions low. The electricity required for production is obtained from the in-house photovoltaic system, which has been on the roof of the production hall since 2014. This naturally generated energy flows into machines, light and the systems engineering of the drying chambers. In line with mafi's corporate philosophy, all the modules in the solar system also have their origins in Europe. 
The Living Product Challenge not only illuminates the end product for healthy living, i.e. the finished mafi plank, but also takes a very close look at the entire production chain. We can proudly say: challenge accepted!  
Negative CO2 and a positive effect: in addition to the required amount of water and energy as well as the waste generated, the acquired LPC certificate also records how much CO2 and other greenhouse gases are generated during production. In the case of a mafi natural wood floor, that's 8.09 kilograms of CO2 equivalent.

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