29.04.2023Project Reports

Colorful Italian Interior Design with White-Oiled Oak Molto


- Playful and friendly: White-oiled Oak Molto

- Furnishing in Italian: Red skirting boards and dove-blue staircase

- Healthy room climate and easy care thanks to oiled surface


The Oak Molto proves that nature is the perfect designer. The naturally bright inclusions in the wood create an original surface that comes with tremendous friendliness.

Robust, healthy, and with a playful surface, Oak Molto is the perfect complement to the minimalist and colorful spatial concept by the architects of na3 Architettura.

Oak Molto in cool oiling and playful look


The Oak Molto impresses with tremendous character - its very bright inclusions create a unique look that is sure to catch all eyes. This desired, original look comes into its own on large surfaces and in brightly lit rooms. The occasionally bright parts of the oak wood streak across the entire surface, giving the room a friendly and unconventional effect.

The refinement with white oil on linseed oil basis makes the wood appear modern. Architect Angelo Aloisi combines the cool oak parquet with a strong color palette, consisting of earth tones as well as bold red and blue. Aloisi's deliberately reduced living concept for the single-family house located west of Rome in the small town of Cerveteri greatly benefits from the naturalness of the oak, which allows for cozy living with a feel-good charm.

Italian originality meets Austrian natural wood planks

The historic property with 250 square meters of Italian history, nestled in the beautiful landscape of Cerveteri, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, does not give any indication with its original shell of brown stone of the modern concept hidden within. It's a match: The white-oiled oak parquet is also matched to the roof truss with its historically significant beams, lasered in white. Aloisi combines strikingly bright red, flush-fitted skirting boards, three-colored stairs in dove-blue, gray, and ochre, and a handleless kitchen block in stone gray.

Light wicker armchairs and simple ash wood furniture complement the stylish ambiance and harmonize perfectly with the light oak parquet. The creatively curved handrails of the staircase and square window frames contrast in matte black.

Benefit from nature: How healthy oiled oak parquet is

Because wood inherently brings healthy living properties with it, the surface is also only refined with oil based on linseed oil to preserve these. Thus, humidity can continue to be absorbed in the plank and released back into the room. The plank therefore demonstrably contributes to a healthy and noticeably fresher room climate.

If stains or scratches occur over the years, these can be very easily removed. The open-pored surface allows for spot repairs with hot water and mafi wood soap, without having to treat the entire surface. Thus, the consciously preserved open-porosity of the parquet represents a crucial factor in sustainability.

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