21.07.2020Project Reports

Contemporary living in New York, but please, make it cozy: "mafi OAK knotless" for a home with natural charm


- Contemporary living with charm: The mafi "OAK knotless, brushed, naturally oiled"

-  Modern interior design with wood: New York architects rely on healthy mafi natural wood floors from Austria.

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Merely using concrete, white plastered walls and natural wooden floors in a very calm assortment achieves a modern spatial effect, which at the same time lends any generously proportioned loft apartment comfort and warmth.

Michele Busiri-Vici & Clementina Ruggieri, Space4Architecture - S4A

Living with natural charm: The warm shades and the calm, very timeless surface appearance of the mafi " OAK knotless, brushed, naturally oiled" surface always work in perfect harmony.

Timeless living with the mafi "OAK knotless, brushed, naturally oiled"

Peaceful. Serene. And completely unfazed. That's how it is: The "OAK Clear, brushed, naturally oiled". New, contemporary furnishing styles or short-lived living trends won't faze this beauty in the slightest. Indeed, the extremely tranquil surface appearance of the completely knot-free, carefully selected oak planks always adapts perfectly to any environment and any style.The naturally oiled wooden surface with its warm honey color is simply entrhalling, and it can also be combined very well with interiors featuring other types of wood.The oiling also emphasizes the typical oak grain and conveys a very pleasant, warm feeling.

The "OAK knotless" is a true all-round talent that impresses with natural charm and a straightforward, extremely serene appearance.

Straightforward interior design with natural materials

The architects S4Architecture from New York managed to create living spaces that radiate that down-to-earth feeling and comfort despite their straightforward, very minimalist interior design. Despite generously sized rooms with enormous ceiling heights, large window areas and puristic interiors, the New York family loft still looks friendly and inviting.In order to achieve exactly this homey feel-good atmosphere, the architects opt for the most natural of all building materials: wood.

Austrian mafi oak parquet is used for the floors, inviting you to go barefoot thanks to its pleasant, exclusively oiled surface, providing the family of four the desired cosiness.

Warm oak wood as a contrast and feel-good factor

The cozy wood look features on both living levels, which are connected by a staircase. On the first floor, the kitchen has an inviting feel with a large, oak-clad oak kitchen block and practical shelves made of solid oak.In order to offer the family with two small children as much storage space as possible, further wooden shelves and sideboards in a simple cube shape are arranged on the white walls on all levels.

The custom-made staircase solution and the matching handrail also consist of pure, warm oak.The naturally oiled oak wood acts as a welcome contrast and eye-catcher on the otherwise exclusively white walls and ceilings and on the other hand lends a lot of comfort into the city loft.

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