15.03.2023Project Reports

Detached house in the brutalist style combines modernity with Austrian naturalness

- Brutalist architecture meets natural oak parquet flooring  
- Natural materials meet structured concrete surfaces 
- Biophilic interior design creates a healthy quality of life

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Brutalism and a sense of coziness are not mutually exclusive – this single-family home in Upper Austria, which relies on natural materials and sustainability, shows how it can be done. 

Exclusively planks of Oak Character were used for this detached house, nestled in the hills of Mühlviertel. The gray oiling of the parquet simultaneously creates harmony and contrast with the textured feel of the cold concrete.

Natural oak parquet for comfort in this striking concrete house

Brutalism and comfort need not automatically exclude each other, as demonstrated by this private property, nestled in the hilly landscape of Mühlviertel, exposed and located directly on the edge of the forest.  

So unique is the location of this sustainable detached house, so ingenious and striking its architecture – both indoors and outdoors. The remarkable thing is not only the rawness of this house with its pronounced gable shape, but especially the building materials that have been brought together.   

The client, who planned the house independently, opted for modern, grooved-textured exposed concrete and high-quality stoneware, wood and leather. High ceilings, large window fronts, white walls, striking concrete ceilings, and the exceptionally generously proportioned room arrangement bring contemporary architecture to life.

The gray oiled natural wood flooring in the Character range matches the gray and mud tones of the interior in terms of color while simultaneously conveying warmth and comfort. The typical oak grain brings a tremendous natural feel to the home of the family of four. The friendly knot pattern and the slightly different color shades of the individual planks give the rooms an earthy base. 


"We love this unique atmosphere of our home – and the natural oiled parquet is mainly responsible for this feeling of being at home," says the owner from Linz, Upper Austria. 


High-quality natural materials and Mühlviertel charm meet brutalist architecture

The client relies on organic, natural materials to create a valuable feel-good base, on which he builds with extravagant interior highlights. 

Thus, the handleless, purist kitchen with its dark, creative Japandi-style wooden slat roof becomes a communication island that inspires with its pure simplicity. Just behind the kitchen island, a sliding door leads to a small, hidden kitchen area.  

The client successfully continues the expanse conveyed by the landscape in the generously proportioned living spaces – in some cases, the exterior blurs with the interior. 
The large window fronts invite the adjacent forest and green meadows into the living spaces, and the sliding glass door, more than 5 meters long, opens the living spaces to the outside and creates a connection between the living areas and nature. 

The living landscape of gray concrete, white walls, mud-colored stone floor and gray oiled natural wood parquet is brightened by iconic design classics in bold orange.  
Thus, under the oversized painting, painted by the daughter of the client, you can find a cheerful Togo sofa set, originally designed by Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset in 1973.  
The creative client is also fond of details - wall-flush baseboards cast the rooms in a discreet frame, and staircases made of the same material as the natural wood flooring extend the harmonious room concept to the next living level. Natural oiled oak parquet can also be found in the bedroom and bathroom. Here, too, the stylish client remains true to the color concept – light gray curtains are combined with an anthracite interior, which harmonize beautifully with the rough exposed concrete.  

Only in the master bedroom does the bright orange of the bed once again act as a cheeky eye-catcher, rising above the serene mud tones. Next to the bed, an oval-shaped walnut dresser is one of the few pieces of furniture that fill the room, because the entire storage space elegantly disappears into the wall.  

A healthy living climate thanks to oiled, diffusion-open oak floorboards

Since the natural wood planks are exclusively oiled, the surface of the wood against the bare soles of the feet always feels warm to the touch, non-slip and pleasantly velvety. Each plank absorbs the air humidity in the room and releases it back into the room. Thus, the over 250 m2 of oak parquet flooring, precisely due to this open porosity, acts as an air conditioner and always ensures noticeably fresh and pleasant air in the rooms. 

This is why all family members – including the cat and the dog – feel right at home in this healthy environment.  

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