18.11.2022Project Reports

Elegant living charm with a contemporary interior on herringbone parquet


- Strong accents with natural stone, leather and oak wood  

- Herringbone parquet with a modern twist: classic meets the spirit of the times 

- How wood favors our health

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mafi oak parquet in a warm caramel shade, grey interior, light stone and dark leather are the ingredients for a successful living concept that leaves nothing to be desired.

A detached house as a statement for modern luxury with fine materials, spacious rooms and French charm. The Lower Austrian architect Hans Pimpel succeeds in combining modern and classic in a likeable way.

A selection of materials that has it all: wood, stone and leather


The Lower Austrian architect Hans Pimpel succeeds in casting two worlds into one mouldand thereby creating a very idiosyncratic look with a strong recognition value. 
The different structures of the materials he has selected create excitement and ensure a tactile as well as a visual highlight: chairs in a trendy corduroy look, additional seating in leather and lots of wood for the ceiling, floor and interior in a wide variety of color shades.  

Caramel-colored herringbone parquet is combined with roughly structured, chalk-colored stone walls and a dark brown solid wood interior. The dark kitchen with its rich brown cupboards and the white kitchen island merges with the living area and the bar into a single area for enjoyment.  
Coziness is very important here: several seating options invite you to either eat or relax in this large area. The mirrored bar sideboard is adorned with a modern black and white print that is indirectly lit from behind. The extremely modern look of the furniture and the art objects deliberately stand out from the classic parquet and merge into a grandiose furnishing concept with a wow effect.  

Herringbone parquet is the perfect choice for modern interior design

Herringbone parquet is perfect for contemporary furnishing concepts, as interior architects and designers who follow the "think out of the box" philosophy in their projects are proving more and more often. Since herringbone parquet is the perfect base for a variety of furnishing styles - including classic, retro and modern.

mafi has rethought herringbone and enlarged the size of the boards in order to achieve a more modern, but still classic and extravagant look. Floorboard lengths of 64 to 78 centimeters with widths of 15.5 or 18.5 centimeters create a very airy overall picture with beautiful color shades ranging from light caramel tones to warm brown. The oak parquet owes this color palette to the chemical-free thermal treatment, which darkens the wood with water and heat.  

Living in a healthy environment

This detached house in Vienna brings nature home. Thus, we find not only oiled, natural mafi parquet flooring here, but also a lot of wood that has been used as ceiling installations or furniture. And that's a good thing.

A large number of different, independent studies show that wood has been proven to contribute to the health of humans and animals. Wood has open pores and is therefore able to absorb moisture and release it back into the room. The parquet acts like an air conditioner, which provides pleasant, fresh room air, in which we can concentrate longer and sleep better. The room air is also cleaned and odors are even neutralized. 

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