07.11.2019Project Reports

Enhanced comfort at the Le Toison D'Or residential complex in Brussels

The "OAK Clear" genuine oak flooring, which has been laid in the stylish flats is characterised by its outstanding suitability for buildings.

 "The naturally oiled mafi oak flooring convinces on the one hand because of its extreme robustness and, on the other hand, because of its vivacious look."

Stable, durable and timeless design: The mafi "OAK Clear".

Functionality and aesthetics thanks to mafi's "OAK Clear" genuine oak

The Le Toison D'Or building complex is not only impressive because of its spectacular location in the centre of the city and thus its close proximity to the world-famous Grand Place, the Berlaymont building, where the European Commission has its seat, and the numerous chocolates shops, but of course, because of its selected interior furnishing. Every furnishing detail testifies to its exquisite taste. The fact that the functionality of the aesthetics must not be second to none, goes without saying in a house that leaves nothing to be desired for its residents. The floors of buildings are, of course, exposed to heavy loads. In order to maintain the high quality of the materials and their special charm, the Le Toison D'Or residential complex in Brussels relies on the expertise of mafi, the Austrian specialist for natural wooden floors.

Symmetrical three-floorboard design for high stability

The "OAK Clear" genuine oak flooring, which has been laid in the stylish flats is characterised by outstanding suitability for buildings. With its brushed and naturally oiled design, this natural wooden floor is not only suitable for the typical demands of a flat, but is also optically lively in design. With its synergy of originality and artful finishing, the oak floorboard also impresses in the Le Tois D'Or building complex with a robust 3-layer design, whereby the oak wood was thermally treated without the addition of chemical substances.

A natural wooden floor for healthy living and a healthy home

The sustainable processing of natural wooden floors (as a family-run specialist for wooden floors, mafi manufactures exclusively in Austria and controls the entire value added process from the tree to the finished floorboard), paired with their high-quality aesthetics, makes "OAK Clear" floorboards a special experience that highlights the refined atmosphere of the Le Toison D'Or building complex in Brussels. In this way, living together comfortably is guaranteed.

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