06.04.2020Project Reports

Extravagance made in Austria: OAK Clear Carving Lipso I brushed, white oil


- Extravagance in your own four walls: The OAK Clear Carving Lipso I from mafi

- This is the best way to combine unusual natural wood design floors

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If you're looking for the extraordinary, the innovative design of the OAK Clear Carving Lipso I is just the thing! Stylish circles are interspersed with sweeping elliptical shapes to create a vibrant overall appearance that is second to none.

The really special thing about OAK Clear Carving Lipso I is the unusual pattern, which is worked into the wooden surface using innovative mafi carving technology and lends every room a certain extravagance.

Innovative design on a tried and tested natural wood floor surface

A special natural wood floor with a very special look: "The OAK Clear Carving Lipso I brushed, white oil". What makes this mafi parquet so special is its extraordinary look. Using mafi carving technology, artistic patterns are incorporated into the natural wood floorboards, which are then finished with natural oil based on linseed oil.
The result is a natural wood floor that combines two things: on the one hand, a completely natural wood surface with all its positive characteristics and, on the other hand, a sensational surface appearance.

With the artful carving Lipso I design, the circle is experiencing a renaissance. In this way, four opposite elliptical shapes are always arranged in interplay, which in turn results in a perfect circular shape.
This creates an exciting surface pattern, especially when laid over a large area, which is naturally very lively, but simultaneously also radiates a great deal of calm thanks to the pleasantly repeated pattern.

This is how impressive designer floors are combined today

More and more frequently, lively floor patterns are being implemented in the world of modern furnishing. Well-tried, classic floor designs alternate with completely reinterpreted parquet classics.

In the single-family home in Austria, warm gold tones are combined with the warm color of the oak wood. As a contrast, a cool turquoise is used, which we find in the wallpapers and curtains. A free-standing American-style fridge in gold and wall-paper with oversized golden peacock feathers set strong accents in the kitchen area. A French-style couch in warm beige as well as the pure white kitchen block form a stylistic break with the surroundings and cleverly contrasts with the floor and walls. An all-round successful room concept that makes a strong statement.

Whether in private living areas or in public buildings, whether installed on the floor, on the wall or on the ceiling, the extravagant look of the OAK Clear Carving Lipso I will attract attention.
A natural wood floor, which is thus particularly suitable for unusual room concepts.

For those who like it more relaxed, such a striking floor design can be combined with a starkly reduced, simple interior and very calm interior tones such as anthracite, light beige, white or gray to bestow the expressive floor pattern with its full effect.

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