24.11.2021Project Reports

Fine dining meets industrial look and mafi natural wood parquet in the Swiss restaurant Chez Philippe

- "Good vibes" thanks to mafi natural wood flooring and culinary delights at the highest level at Chez Philippe

- Raw materiality meets classic elegance: Industrial look with mafi OAK Vulcano Medium

- wood is ingenious: Oak parquet neutralizes odors and acts as an air conditioner

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The boards not only decorate the floor, but also cover the walls and furniture. Materials such as glass, stone and metal contrast with the fine table decorations and create a successful mix of an industrial look and fine dining.

Atelier 94 Architecture SA

The OAK Country Vulcano Medium from mafi combines the natural character of wood with classic elegance.

Exceptional culinary moments on the OAK Country Vulcano Medium in the charming Chez Philippe

Chez Philippe is the Geneva destination for steak lovers and grilling enthusiasts.With a mix of industrial charm and fine dining, the architects of Atelier 94 Architecture SA have created a micro-version of New York's Meatpacking District in the heart of the Swiss metropolis.

Congeniality, warmth and plenty of "good vibes" resonate through the restaurant in the Passage des Lions, inviting you to enjoy and linger.What would go better with this ambience than a mafi natural wood floor? Authentic and full of character, the OAK Country Vulcano Medium forms the perfect basis for unforgettable culinary moments

Industrial look meets modern interior design

Chez Philippe not only has a treat or two in store for "carnivores," but also proves to be a real feast for the eyes for friends of modern interior design.Brick walls, a cast-iron staircase, and a windowed wine pantry that provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes view bring the popular industrial look to the steakhouse.

This is contrasted by white tablecloths, soft leather seat cushions and elegant pendant lamps that bathe each table in atmospheric light.The transition between raw materiality and classic elegance is created by mafi's OAK Country Vulcano Medium.

Oak parquet full of character for a cozy feel-good vibe

The "Country" variety celebrates the intrinsic characteristics of the wood: knotholes, fine crevices and the grain are showcased in a particularly appealing way and create a lively surface appearance.

This allows the OAK Country to capture the expressive character of natural wood like no other flooring, thus creating an ambience filled with coziness and security.

Added to this is the mafi Vulcano thermal treatment. With the specially developed process, the wood is "baked" darker – completely without chemical additives. Instead of their natural honey tone, the boards now appear as a soft walnut brown, which gives them an elegant appearance.

Tough and incredibly robust: The OAK Country Vulcano Medium from mafi

The stability and durability of a mafi natural wood floor is proven by its use in such a busy restaurant as Chez Philippe.From business lunches to romantic dinners, it stands up to stiletto heels and dog paws on a daily basis, withstanding red wine stains, boiling water and grease splatter.

For this purpose, the boards show full readiness not only on the floor.As a wall covering, they offer a pleasant change from bricked walls. In addition, storage options such as cabinets and sideboards are made from the oak boards.

Miracle wood: a natural wood floor neutralizes odors and acts as an air conditioning system

In addition to their attractive appearance, the oak boards also impress with their healthy living properties.

Free of chemical additives and refined exclusively with natural oils, the wood unleashes its full potential: regulating humidity, filtering pollutants from the air and having an antibacterial effect.A mafi natural wood floor is therefore the ideal companion for an extended visit to a restaurant.

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