14.02.2020Project Reports

From head to toe, of course: single-family home with a modern wood look


- Wood wants to be modern: Wood as a furnishing element for contemporary space concepts

- High quality plank construction for extreme stability and durability

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Wood can be and wants to be modern. As natural material, wood is perfect for contemporary furnishing concepts that require a modern look, but without sacrificing comfort.

The mafi OAK Vulcano Medium wide plank is a floor with a very special look and inspires with a wonderful, warm, medium brown color. The extra wide planks open the room even more and give it a wide and calm appearance.

Width and timelessness with the "OAK Vulcano Medium, wide plank, naturally oiled"

For this generously planned single-family house in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, the choice of flooring was mafi "OAK Vulcano Medium, wide-plank, naturally oiled".
The natural oiling highlights the grain of the wood particularly well and also underscores the warm color of the thermally treated wood. Since it is a "medium" oak, the color is darker than that of the untreated mafi oak, but still light enough to be friendly and inviting.
In addition to the pleasantly warm medium brown, the surface fascinates with a timeless appearance, which radiates a very natural charm with its lively grain and intermittent knots. The timeless and elegant surface appearance of the EICHE Vulcano Medium will impress for many years and adapts to any interior style in no time.

Wood can be and desires to be modern.

In order to create a modern look within your own four walls, one uses very untreated surfaces and original materials. Rough concrete structures and simple natural materials such as rattan and linen as well as chic wicker are becoming parts of our living rooms. The longing for originality and for surfaces with a pleasant feel is greater than ever before. We want to surround ourselves with things that are not as slick as our computer screens and cell phones. But can modernity and cosiness be combined? You bet!

Natural materials such as wood manage to adapt perfectly to the modern environment without appearing rustic or old-fashioned. Wood surfaces, particularly, featuring calm knot patterns and noble colors lend the rooms a modern look and simultaneously ensure the desired natural feel in your own home.

Particularly trendy: Avoiding combining too many different materials. It's actually better to limit yourself to a few unusual structures and let them radiate their full effect.

Everything from a single source: single-family house with a modern wood look

For a spacious house in Reutlingen, Germany, the natural mafi floor acts as a quiet base upon which everything else is built. The warm color of the natural wood floor is combined with a puristic interior in light gray. White curtains and white walls form a strong contrast to the medium brown wooden surface. At 30 cm, the extra wide planks lend a great deal of width to the large living areas and visually widen or enlarge them even further.

The successful wood look runs through the whole house. Even stairs, skirting boards and detailed solutions, such as floor boxes, are made from the same wood and have the same look for the family. Feeling good, on all levels.

The chemical-free mafi thermal process achieves beautiful colors in a completely natural way

Creating floors that are natural and are allowed to retain all of their positive properties given by nature is the premise of mafi.
Therefore, it goes without saying that we do not use any chemicals in the thermal process, the process that makes oak look darker. Only water, wind and intense heat act on the wooden planks and "color" them in a wide variety of shades of brown from light to dark.

All floors that are finished using this innovative mafi thermal process are titled "Vulcano". The "Vulcano Medium" is a light, medium brown color, the "Vulcano" is already a dark brown and the "Nero Vulcano" looks like deep brown tropical wood.

The mafi wide plank: stable plank construction ensures durability

The wide plank from mafi is an extremely stable plank with widths of up to 30 cm and lengths between four and five meters. It's important to consider the construction of the plank, especially when it comes to extra wide planks. Wooden planks used in these extreme widths absolutely need a strong counterbalance in order to be able to minimize the natural movement of the wood and to counteract warping and pitching of the floor.

Like all mafi floors, the wide plank is therefore manufactured in a symmetrical three-layer structure. The same wood is used for the reserve and top layer with the same thermal treatment. The middle layer consists of soft wood, which is bonded to the back and top layer with chemical-free white glue. This high quality plank structure guarantees enormous dimensional stability and durability.

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