03.03.2022Project Reports

Healthy workspace in Kyiv meets retro charm


- Retro style from the 1970s meets the elegance of the 1920s 

- Harmonious color mix and contrasting material selection creates an exciting interior concept 

- How naturally oiled parquet contributes to a healthy living environment

READING TIME: About 2.5 minutes 

The homogeneous gray tone and the scattered knots of this oak parquet on the one hand have a very calming effect on the room and on the other hand convey warmth and naturalness. 

The understated knotty oak, gray oiled as an elegant base for a stylish retro style.

Stylish retro design meets cheerful old building charm

Located in the center of the Ukrainian capital, young architect Maya Baklan is developing an open-plan office with an extravagance and a décor that is unparalleled. 
Maya Baklan is rethinking Workspace 2.0. The designer brings new splendor to the historic premises, yet without losing sight of the past of these venerable walls
In this historic house from 1917, flamboyant stucco ceilings are juxtaposed with contemporary interiors in iconic shapes and bold retro designs. 
A particular highlight of the new office, with a total of 42 workstations: The fireplace corner, consisting of a spherical, matte black fireplace and a colorful seating lounge made of opulent velvet in rich teal.  
The Ukrainian architect brilliantly adapts her office concept to the complex needs and desires of employees for more flexibility, comfort and her desire for an easy-to-implement work-life balance.  

A variety of diversely designed seating invites employees to escape their daily work routine for a moment. This allows relaxed snacking or communicating in the kitchen area. Intimate seating areas offer opportunities for one-on-one conversations or inspiring exchanges among colleagues. Creative meetings take place either in the generously designed conference rooms or in the comfort of the sofa. 
The challenges of today's office world are as diverse as Maya Baklan's well thought-out spatial solutions for this unique office. 
Each area in this office concept fulfills a certain need - but what unites the areas is the incredibly comfortable and cozy atmosphere that can be felt everywhere. 
This feel-good atmosphere is created above all by the natural oak parquet flooring, whose knotty pattern and warm gray hue bring a certain earthiness and originality to today's business world.  

Harmonious earth tones and contrasting mix of materials


Subtle living colors in natural tones harmonize with the oak parquet and combine to create a coherent overall picture. The interior designer sets color accents exclusively with a bold teal, which may be combined with matte black. Soft lime green and rich cinnamon/orange are combined with beige walls and ceilings. 
The choice of materials is very much a contrast: rough meets smooth Stucco on glass. Oak wood on velvet. Powder coated steel on brushed aluminum. 
Pieces of furniture become individual gems, joined by other eye-catchers, such as orange industrial lamps that boldly smile from the wall and successfully brighten the mood.

How oiled natural wood parquet contributes to a healthy indoor environment

Thanks to the exclusively oiled wood surface, each plank remains open-pored and can thus absorb moisture from the air and release it back into the room. Thus, the oak parquet works as a room ventilator and contributes to a healthy living climate with its characteristic properties typical to untreated wood.  
This biophilic approach is particularly effective in rooms where work is conducted over many hours and results in important benefits for the user.  
The employees of the office space "Foye" benefit from a greater ability to concentrate, noticeably better breathing conditions, but above all from a large amount of comfort. 

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