18.07.2019Project Reports

Herringbone Floorboards by mafi Refine Viennese Penthouse

From the outside, the architecture of the Viennese penthouse initially appears as a reserved, classic loft conversion. Inside, on the other hand, clear, contemporary architecture reveals itself. And right in the middle: mafi's OAK Vulcano Medium herringbone floorboards.

"For us, architecture means creating attractive, high-quality
living spaces for people who have the desire
to positively shape their surroundings and their personal environment.

Building requires a high degree of commitment and requires
extensive ecological and economic resources. We
therefore aim for high-quality buildings that are durable,
meaning both technically functional and aesthetically pleasing.
"The important thing for us is value-driven construction. To achieve this, we rely on proven construction details and the use of tested materials."

Statement by junger_beer architecture

The penthouse was realized in the year 2017 by the architecture firm junger_beer, which has its registered office in Vienna and Bregenz. The penthouse is located within the city in an undeveloped attic of a beautiful Wilhelminian-era house. At the request of the client, it was also equipped with spacious terraces, a wellness area, and an indoor pool.


1070 Wien

Interplay of Nut and Oak flooring

Entry to the penthouse is gained directly through its own elevator access. The two widening, curved wall shells made of ribbed nut wood or arsenic-painted drywalls guide the visitor into the interior of the apartment. The chrome fireplace in combination with the lounge chair forms the filter between arrival and the living and dining area. Here, mafi's herringbone floorboards welcome the arriving guest already. What is involved here in detail is the version OAK Vulcano medium Herringbone 90 degree brushed and nature-oiled.

Herringbone in the Kitchen Ensures Timeless Design

An essential element of the interior architecture is the up-to-5-meter-high chimney wall in the living and dining area. This wall is bordered at both of its edges by a small roof terrace. The western terrace with its evergreen wall and a breakfast area connects directly to the dining area. In the area of the central, spacious dormer, the dining area was situated as a meeting place for social gatherings. Due to its location and size, the cooking island also takes on the role of a sideboard or buffet and is the link between living and eating. Here, too, the generous laying of mafi's OAK Vulcano medium herringbone floorboard ensures both an atmospheric animation of the room and a successful refinement of the other architecture. The soft brown tone "medium" makes the penthouse bright, modern, and pleasant without having to sacrifice the noble character of a dark wooden floor.

Natural, Oiled Herringbone Floorboards with Thermal Treatment

What is special about these short floorboards from mafi is that they are already prepared for herringbone laying (90-degree angle) and therefore, 50 percent are delivered with a spring on the left side and 50 percent with a spring on the right side. The oak used has consistent coloring due to a heat treatment without chemical additives (Vulcano process). The natural look of the floor is underpinned by individual knots. The feel, too, leaves nothing to desire: the OAK Vulcano medium herringbone floorboard is refined with mafi's natural wood floor oil based on linseed oil, thereby retaining its natural wood surface.

The Viennese penthouse thus impressively proves that a natural, healthy natural wood floor and modern, contemporary (interior) architecture easily go hand in hand.