21.06.2021Project Reports

Historic half-timbered construction meets modern architecture and leached larch


- Swiss cosiness with mafi Larch Country, brushed, leached, naturally oiled

- A successful mix of styles: the tried and tested and the modern in harmony

- Stairs made of larch wood: Precise detailed solutions make hearts beat faster

READING DURATION: approx. 2 minutes 

”Traditional Swiss half-timbered building in complete harmony with steel and concrete optics.” 


The lye finish of the larch wood underscores its grain and allows the character of the wood to emerge to an even greater extent, both visually and haptically.

Larch Country in perfect harmony with old wood

Nobody can deny the natural charm of the leached larch.  
Its warm honey tone and its extremely vibrant surface convey a sense of down-to-earthness and cosiness.
By leaching the larch wood, the friendly grain of the softwood comes into its own.
Haptically and visually, the plank benefits not only from lyeing, but also from oiling it with natural linseed oil, which means that the wood always feels warm to the body and pleasantly velvety on the skin. Any cracks and typical knotholes are closed with black putty and further underline the natural character of the larch parquet. 
It was precisely because of this vibrancy and the beautiful caramel tone that the residents chose Larch Country for the extensive renovation of their idyllically situated detached house, which blends harmoniously with the historic walls of this half-timbered building. 


Combining modern interior and historical half-timbered styles

Exciting and original at the same time: modern interior design in a traditional Swiss half-timbered building.  
The leached mafi Larch Country seems to be almost predestined for this extraordinary living concept idyllically located in Sitterdorf, Switzerland. No other parquet features such a harmonious addition to the exposed framework as the friendly larch.
Not only in terms of its color, but also in terms of its character, this unusual larch flooring ideally complements the existing old wood. 
In this way, the old and the new are successfully combined to form an exciting overall concept, without undermining the beauty and value of the existing historic core.  
The exposed beams are skilfully integrated into all living spaces and contrasted with the modern interior with great care. Old, historic structures are combined with purist furniture and modern materials and a great deal of instinctive care. The result: a furnishing concept in perfect harmony. 

As if created from one piece: floor and stairs made of larch wood

Pure harmony is the motto in this cozy Swiss home.
So as not to disrupt this, the larch theme is also continued on the stairs in the form of an airy-looking staircase made of steel. 
Dark, high-quality Corten steel frames the honey-colored larch steps and not only creates a strong visual contrast, but also ensures an original and very welcome mix of materials.
This principle is also pursued in the kitchen and living area: Here, the concrete look and a puristic, dark gray kitchen block encounter natural larch wood and reclaimed wood.

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