12.08.2014Project Reports

Holistic room concept with mafi Oak Country

The floor and stairs are made of the same materials, thus ensuring a consistent appearance. The intense Oak colour blends beautifully with the purist interior design style, in white and grey. 

"There is an ever increasing trend for combining reduced living concepts with vivid and authentic natural wooden floors".

Over 210m² in Lohnsburg, Austria, you can find a more than successful example of an integrated concept and the associated mix of materials. The entire living room was outfitted with the mafi OAK Country, brushed and naturally oiled. The sober, yet almost purist ambience is impressive with the white colouring and different shades of grey. A contrast is more often sought after however, in order to give a pleasant, homely feeling to one’s own home. The floor surface is ideal for this, as it is not only visual but also has haptic relevance. That's why a more rustic, authentic variant of the Oak was chosen for this example. The naturally oiled surface allows the natural, strong yellow shade of the Oak to shine and immediately delivers a warmer feeling. 

Right here it gets exciting because mafi natural wooden floors are actually perceived as warmer. This effect can be explained as follows: the mafi surface finishing is done with natural oils. However, the term surface is already misleading because with mafi the wood is given time to absorb the oil. The oil penetrates deeply into the pores of the wood and purifies from the inside out - hence no layer forms on the surface and people come into direct contact with the wood. Wood dissipates body heat more slowly than smooth, plasticised surfaces, as is the case for example in UV-oiled or lacquered floors. This means fewer cold feet for mafi customers and in the long term, a positive change in the heating and airing conditions.

Another exciting detail is the minimal mix of materials. Two different models of stair were also finished in the mafi OAK Country. mafi has also established itself in recent years with the core competency of creating individualised and customised stairs.



4923 Lohnsburg