07.01.2021Project Reports

In the Hanse Lounge in Hamburg, comfort meets high traffic


- Sturdy yet elegant: mafi OAK Vulcano, brushed, naturally oiled

- Relaxation meets high traffic: the role of wooden floors in lounge design

- Beautiful brown tone thanks to the completely natural thermal treatment

READING DURATION: approx. 2 minutes

Real lounge feeling in the club room of the Hamburg Hanse Lounge: where nature and modern design come together.

mafi OAK Vulcano Medium, brushed, naturally oiled, impresses with its elegant brown color, typical oak grain, a completely natural surface, and plank widths of up to thirty centimeters.

Hygge with natural wood floors: OAK Vulcano Medium combines naturalness with modern style

When you enter the club room, one thing is immediately noticeable: comfort and warmth are at home here. Despite the modern, sleek furniture, the choice of oak flooring creates an atmosphere of real warmth and comfort, what the Danes call Hygge.
The pleasant brown oak color and the grain of the wood hearken to our love for nature. The natural linseed-based oil emphasizes the grain and gives the wood surface a noble, matt look. The color of the OAK Vulcano Medium is darker than that of the untreated oak variant, but it is still warm enough to act as the perfect stage for the sophisticated furnishing style of the club room.
The three-layer symmetrical plank construction with back and top layers made of the same wood gives the plank tremendous dimensional stability that seems predestined for the heavily used club room.

mafi OAK Vulcano Medium, brushed, naturally oiled in three words: Natural. Robust. Timeless.


Comfort and relaxation meet high traffic - the role of wooden floors in lounge design


Architect Thorsten P. Meyer at handwerkechnikdesign combines different shades within the brown color family in his room concept: tobacco-colored leather covers for the simple benches, dark brown solid wood chairs, tailor-made oak tables, and oak hardwood floors in a natural light brown finish. Not only the floors, but also the table tops come from mafi.
A mix of materials that is impressive: leather, metal and wood – original and raw.

Accents in gold act catch the eye, but they still blend in harmoniously with the overall appearance of the club room. An original ceiling lamp sparkles in gold while the bronze-colored fireplace separates the stylish, light-flooded private room from the rest of the lounge.
The club room has a typical lounge design featuring modern simplicity paired with extravagance. By choosing the oak floor with its natural wood surface, the architect has succeeded in bringing a certain sense of grounded comfort to the space. The result: a lounge design that feels like home.

Beautiful brown tones thanks to chemical-free thermal treatment

The chemical-free thermal treatment enables the oak surfaces to be produced in different earthy shades from light to medium brown to almost black. mafi is thus able to offer a real alternative to tropical woods.

In addition to the beautiful color tones, the innovative thermal treatment has other advantages: it tremendously minimizes the swelling and shrinking of the plank as well as its internal tension.

The process exposes the planks to wind, water, and heat and, depending on the intensity and duration, they get increasingly dark.

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