26.09.2022Project Reports

Industrial design meets classic living style


- Oak sand with white oiling: timeless and versatile

- Color concept in bronze and a kitchen island as a centerpiece

- Easy stain removal and uncomplicated care

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Combine classic living style with an industrial look? It just does not make sense.
But it does! And it even looks really homey.
A single-family house in Reston in Virgina, USA, shows that it doesn't take much to create an extraordinary spatial concept.

OAK SAND, BRUSHED, WHITE OILED: Timeless, uncomplicated and suitable for every living style.

Oak Sand: Timeless and versatile natural wood parquet

Oak Sand, brushed and white oiled is a parquet floor that is the perfect basis for a variety of living styles. How is that so? Quite simply, because the appearance of this parquet floor is discreet and friendly.

The grain of the oak is very conservative compared to other types of wood. The refinement of the surface with white natural oil leaves not only an open-pored and body-warm feel, but also a cool color tone. Some knots are filled in a simple sand tone that harmonizes wonderfully with the color tone of the planks and which then hardly catch the eye, but still have enough presence to maintain the natural wood look.

Industrial design meets classic elegance

This living concept is creatively conceived and daring in the heart of Reston, Virgina:
Strong contrasts, open spaces and an exciting mix of materials create a really extraordinary living atmosphere here.

The black window frames in industrial look, the almost royal, black, two-winged entrance door and the exclusively white painted walls contrast enormously and at the same time form the timeless basis of this furnishing concept. This simple base is rounded off by the bright, timeless oak parquet flooring, which adapts perfectly to any interior. The staircase with treads and risers made of white oiled oak also fits effortlessly into this quiet overall picture.

Eye-catching and centerpiece in the living area is the large kitchen island made of bronze and marble, next to which are placed the round dining table and classic rococo chairs in white-grey.

The black and white base is combined with living room colors in elegant bronze – not only the kitchen island, but also the couch, decorative wall elements and a room divider, camouflaged as a mirror, are kept in this color.

The choice of material is almost royal: noble oak wood, bronze, heavy marble, gold-brown velvet are the counterpart to the black steel of the industrial windows and the almost monumental roof beam in loft aesthetics.

Uncomplicated and easy-care mafi parquet

Everything from a single source: from the entrance area to the stairs to the kitchen and living room, the white oiled oak parquet runs through this family house. This not only creates a noticeable calm in the spatial effect, but also makes itself clearly noticeable in terms of living quality. In this way, the residents benefit from a natural wood parquet that is always warm to the touch on the soles of their feet and invites them to go barefoot every day.

The floor is maintained and cleaned with a regular mopping with just water and wood soap. The soap cleanses the wood and supplies it with valuable oils at the same time. Thus, the surface becomes more and more resistant to stains and possible scratches over the years and decades. So the family can also enjoy a pleasant wooden feel in the kitchen.

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