20.08.2021Project Reports

Inspirational interior design from Australia with mafi natural wood floors made in Austria


- Knotty oak parquet for modern, natural interior design

- Australian interior design: This is how the architects of Mosaic Property combine the timeless natural wood flooring

- A successful overall concept: oak wood for floor, wall and ceiling

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Thus, the architects Mosaic Property, based on the Australian east coast, succeed in creating an exciting interplay of naturalness and linearity. Especially the mixed finish with 1x natural and 1x white oil gives the natural wood floor surface a unique shade between light brown and sand. As a result, the oak parquet looks cooler than with natural oiling, but is still warmer than oiling in white.

The mixed finish with 1x natural and 1x white oils in particular gives the natural wood floor surface a unique shade between light brown and sand. As a result, the oak parquet looks cooler than with natural oiling, but is still warmer than oiling in white.

Natural and robust: mafi oak parquet with 1x natural and 1x white oiled surface

Timeless, natural and extremely robust - that best describes OAK CHARACTER.

The beautiful grain, the random knots finished in a classic brown and the timeless color will add a special charm to any home. The mixed oil finish in natural and white creates a cooler color scheme, but without undermining the naturalness of the oak parquet.
The result is a timeless light brown that harmonizes with both modern and classic interior styles.

The three-symmetrical plank construction and the enormous hardness of the hardwood makes this natural wood flooring a simple and robust companion.

Australian design style meets Austrian natural wood flooring

The extraordinary design style of the experienced architects Mosaic Property impresses once again in this project with a clear language of form and a conscious choice of materials and colors.

Your interior concept for this single-family home, located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, does not reflect any trends and is by no means replaceable. The opposite is the case: unexpectedly, rough stone and brushed natural wood blend together to create an atmospheric overall picture with an impressive spatial effect.

The design concept is restrained when it comes to colors. For example, white walls are combined with black lampshades and dark furniture. Textiles in cool gray and chalky shades skillfully contrast with the warm tones of the raw natural materials wood and stone.
Isolated details in azure blue act as special eye-catchers that draw the eye: The sitting lounge, curtain and dining table act as sympathetic splashes of color in the spacious, elegant living landscape and create an inviting and homely effect.

Floor, wall and ceiling: natural wood as an important comfort and health factor

In a meaningful way, it's called: Less is more. In terms of wood, however, this is not so much the case. In this case, the more wood the better - as an important factor for our health and the indoor climate.

To create a cozy atmosphere in the spacious and generously proportioned rooms with enormous height, the architects rely on wood. But not only as a floor surface, but also as a creative and clever ceiling and wall installation.
Thus, the sitting lounge is situated on a wooden platform and the cozy couch landscape is provided with oak on both sides of the wall and ceiling. In this way, an inviting comfortable corner is created in no time at all, which cleverly stands out from the rest of the living landscape.

However, the choice of wood materials not only creates a cozy atmosphere, but also demonstrably contributes to a healthy indoor climate. mafi natural wood parquet is not sealed with varnish or wax, but retains its open pores. In this way, the boards can continue to absorb moisture in the room and release it back into the room. In this way, the wood contributes to a noticeably healthy, comfortable climate.


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