05.10.2023Project Reports

Interior Concept Between Nordic Elegance and Biophilic Architecture


- Pure Oak, extremely white oiled for Polish city loft in Hygge style.

- Creating Deceleration and Tranquility with Natural Materials.

- It's all about details: Masterful precision work in floor installation.

READING TIME: about 2.5 minutes

Stone, wood, brass, and playful tiles come together in this multi-story loft in the trendy city center of Gdańsk, elevating the beloved Scandinavian look to the next level. The architects succeed in merging the worlds of materials to create living space that appears both modern and natural.

Timeless yet natural: Oak parquet in flawless sorting and extremely white oiling completes the exceptional overall concept of the architectural team from Sikora Interiors in Poland.

Hygge Look Elevated: Nature meets modern interior design.

The typical Nordic simplicity of Scandinavian interior style is given the perfect stage by the flawless oak parquet. The extremely white oiling gives the parquet a cool, uniform surface that contrasts beautifully with the warm interior of ash and oak wood.

Every corner of this two-story loft apartment with breathtaking views over the rooftops of Gdańsk has been created with great attention to detail. Here, we find modern furniture and contemporary accessories alongside design classics like the Wishbone Chair by Carl Hansen – all united by the natural and clear form language of the Hygge Look.

However, the Pure Oak, brushed, extremely white oiled can do much more than appear friendly and timeless: the oiled surface of the cool oak parquet not only always feels pleasantly warm underfoot but also acts like an air conditioner due to its open-pore nature - the floor absorbs humidity in the room and releases it back into the room. In addition, oak wood is one of the hardest types of wood, making it extremely robust.

Natural Materials and Subtle Room Colors Create a Modern Oasis of Calm

This attic apartment is a symphony of colors and contemporary design at the highest level, merging together to form a harmonious composition.

The architects select from the entire range of earthy beige and radiant white tones for walls, ceilings, interiors, and accessories. A real eye-catcher: the cool pastel blue, which charmingly interrupts the extremely calm and grounding room atmosphere as a cheerful wall paint. Individual vases in cobalt blue and abstract paintings, also in shades of blue, continue the color concept. For fans of Nordic furniture art, this attic loft is a Mecca of Hygge Feeling paired with subtle minimalism.

As if that weren't enough, the architects from Sikora Interiors sprinkle delicate flower ornaments, sweetly playful upholstery, matt brushed brass fittings, and a softly curved freestanding bathtub on top. Thus, we find large-format tiles in the open bathroom, telling the story of a summer evening in the flower meadow. Blue cornflowers, delicate red poppies, filigree grasses, and many other colorful blooms in detailed illustrations adorn the walls.

In the kitchen, the principle of tiles with a lovingly designed sea of flowers is continued - even sparrows join in, finding themselves among lush rose blossoms.

Masterful Precision Work in Floor Installation – When Stone and Wood Merge

With masterful precision work and a lot of patience, the three-layer oak planks are cut to fit perfectly against the soft curves of the oversized granite stones protruding from the floor.

This floor invites you to walk barefoot twice: the textured, cool stone structure as well as the body-warm, brushed, and oiled oak parquet create a tactile and visual delight every day. By integrating natural worlds of materials, such as oiled parquet and high-quality solid wood furniture, as well as oversized stones, an extremely homely and natural living landscape is created.

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