22.04.2021Project Reports

Larch floor suitable for commercial properties: a fashion studio dedicated to all things natural


- Friendly and inviting: larch wood, brushed, leached, oiled in white

- Trade shop in Salzburg opts for a biophilic interior design

- As one of the hardest coniferous woods ever, larch is perfect for commercial spaces

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“Coziness is is not just for one's own four walls. More and more shops want this sense of hygge for their customers and employees as well."

With a lively grain, modern shade of white, varied knots, and a velvety feel, natural larch wood flooring as the foundation for commercial spaces that exude comfort.

LARCH, brushed, lye treated, white oiled: Robust. Natural. Friendly.

Not rustic. mafi LARCH, brushed, lye treated and white oiled, sets new standards in terms of modern furnishing.

Above all, its very light shade, without any warm colors, creates an extremely friendly look and makes any space appear larger and brighter. The many small and large knots along the typical larch grain are real eye-catchers.

In order not to let the wooden surface appear too busy, each plank is finished with a white, natural, linseed-based oil. This results in a very homogeneous surface appearance that doesn't hide the lively larch details, instead rather deliberately moving them a bit into the background.

Larch in modern design

Larch has not only been used in classic and traditional interior designs for a long time, but it is also used specifically in contemporary living spaces.

The more modern the room concept, the greater the longing for security and warmth. The white oiled and leached larch exudes exactly this feel-good atmosphere into even the most streamlined of spaces while providing an exciting contrast to modern materials.
This approach was also successfully implemented in the Wimmer tailor shop.

A shop concept that embraces the trend towards biophilic design

Modern exposed concrete, white walls, high ceilings combined with the leached and white oiled larch at Schneiderei Wimmer outside of Salzburg.

The larch floor is incredibly friendly and creates a climate in which customers and employees feel equally comfortable. The naturalness and liveliness of the larch make the modern appointments of the atelier appear even more inviting and comfortable.

Feel good with wood

The almost white floors are the perfect backdrop for presenting the many colors of the fashion choices. Restrained and discreet, it lets the goods be the star of the show.
Large window areas in anthracite-colored frames allow enough light to fall into the rooms while creating a pleasing color contrast to the light larch wood.

The dark chocolate brown of the checkout also contrasts with the floor. Special highlight: the beautiful frieze pattern in the entrance area.
Laying wood floors in mixed widths creates makes an exciting statement.

Welcoming nature

Cubist solid wood furniture with an almost white surface is perceived as harmonious with the light larch planks and successfully continues the wood character of the room concept. The generous use of natural wood at Schneiderei Wimmer brings nature home, or rather, directly into the sales rooms of the traditional shop.

Special highlight: the beautiful frieze pattern in the entrance area.
Laying wood floors in mixed widths is a special feature that also makes for an exciting look.

Larch floors suitable for commercial buildings offer the perfect combination of naturalness and robustness

The symmetrical three-layer board construction made of real wood gives the board a tremendous longevity. The back and top layers are made of larch wood with the same thermal treatment, the middle layer is spruce. This high-quality structure with its strong counter-tension minimizes the natural shrinkage and warping of the wood.

The wear and bottom layers are each 5 mm think to ensure a high level robustness even with wide planks. Even larch boards with lengths of up to four or five meters and widths of up to 30 cm can be used without hesitation in both private and commercial areas thanks to the well thought-out board design. mafi larch boards remain dimensionally stable, even under extreme stress.

The Larch, brushed, leached, white oiled in three words: Robust. Natural. Friendly.

Care and cleaning in one step: how uncomplicated mafi larch can be

As robust as the mafi larch floor is, it is also easy to care for. Regular mopping with warm water and mafi wooden floor soap is all that's needed to clean and care for the floor – all in just one step.
The soap cleans the floor while the oil it contains deeply nourishes the plank and makes it resistant to dirt and damage. Over the years and decades, the sales room floor has developed a beautiful, hard-earned patina.

In the case of heavier soiling, especially in the autumn and winter months, the amount of white wood floor soap can be safely increased and mixed with hot water.
The heat successfully lifts deep-down dirt out of the wood's pores and gives the wood an extra dose of care.

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