18.07.2022Project Reports

Lively and modern: office buildings in biophilic design

- Creative floor concept with 1,400 m² mafi Tiger Oak for Pro Urban AG real estate specialists in Germany 

- Everything from a single source: from meeting rooms to toilets and canteens  

- Added value for companies: working in a healthy and stylish environment 

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The real estate planners and implementers Pro Urban AG, based in Meppen, in the west of Lower Saxony, rely on naturally oiled oak parquet from mafi. Employees benefit not only from a demonstrably healthy indoor climate, but also from a particularly friendly working atmosphere. 

A creative surface, an extravagant look and, on top of that, incredibly hard-wearing – we're talking about mafi black, brushed, and naturally oiled Tiger Oak. Black-filled cracks and a rich brown tone make this parquet a characterful eye-catcher.

Tiger Oak in herringbone installation

Black, brushed, and naturally oiled Tiger Oak inspires with a unique surface appearance: Filled cracks in contemporary black and an exciting play of colors between rich brown and light honey tones make this natural wood flooring a real highlight.  
Tiger Oak owes its exciting color shades to the chemical-free thermal treatment, which changes the color tone of the oak wood from light brown to chocolate brown using only heat, water and wind. The typical oak grain, as well as the different shades of color, are emphasized by oiling with natural oil based on linseed oil, which is allowed to air dry and leaves an open-pored, breathable surface. 
The name says it all with Tiger Oak – isolated, longer cracks alternate with a multitude of finer cracks. You simply won't be able to get enough of this extraordinary natural wood parquet. 

Everything from a single source: from the bathroom to the conference room to the canteen

With Tiger Oak, the German real estate professionals at Pro Urban AG are going out of their way to prove that naturally oiled oak parquet is not only an aesthetic treat for the eyes, but also versatile and immensely sturdy, making it the perfect choice for high-traffic areas.
The exquisite wood decorates not only the canteen area, but also the spacious toilets and offices as well as conference rooms of the company building. 
The interior design team came up with something very special when it came to the installation of this precious wood. Around 1,400 m² of mafi natural wood flooring was laid in a herringbone design.
This classic way of laying, implemented at  90° angles, brings a great deal of elegance to the modern, light-flooded premises and contrasts with the contemporary, simple interiors.

Working and recreation in a creative environment

Not only does working bring joy in this room concept planned with so much attention to detail, but also the toilet break becomes a feast for interior and design enthusiasts. Because here, too, the Tiger Oak look is successfully continued. A vanity made of cheerful-looking terracotta stone joins turquoise metro tiles here, contrasting in the most exciting way with the warm hue of the thermo-treated oak parquet. 
In the offices, strong, cool turquoise and cheeky bright yellow are combined to form the natural wood floorboards. Delicate mint and classy brass, in turn, harmonize with the noble character of the fancy herringbone floorboards.

This is how pop art style meets elegance and proves that this does not have to be a contradiction.
On the contrary, employees can enjoy a positive, colorful work environment that combines with an extra dose of elegant charm to create an almost spectacular work of art.

On all levels, literally as well as figuratively, the Tiger Oak exudes its very own and unique charm. But as in real life, in interior design, appearance is not the only thing that counts.

Luckily, mafi oak parquet also scores points in terms of plank construction. And this is manufactured in a high-quality three-layer construction with back and top layers in the same type of wood with the same thermal treatment, which brings enormous dimensional stability and makes the plank an extremely resilient floor. 
Thanks to the open-pored, oiled surface, the employees of Pro Urban AG also benefit from a demonstrably healthy and noticeably fresh indoor climate. 
Working at Pro Urban AG means working in a life-affirming, healthy and stylish environment. 

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