17.02.2022Project Reports

Luxurious, Mexican architecture:
630m2 of mafi oak for ceilings, walls and floors

- A knotless range of oak parquet as a modern understatement for Villa Valle de Bravo

- A biophilic oasis of well-being: a light-flooded sequence of rooms that leads from the inside to the outside

- Architect Frederico Gomez Crespo: Open floor plan meets restrained materialization 
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The extremely smooth, knotless surface appearance of the knotless oak and its cool color tone create a comfortable and very natural atmosphere that does not contradict the purist architecture.  

Oak wood as a timeless basis for modern architecture with a feel-good factor.

Oak parquet for a modern home atmosphere and a great deal of natural enjoyment


This luxury property in the middle of the green forests of Valle de Bravo in Mexico not only represents the simple elegance of classic understatement, but also illustrates the strong influence the choice of materials has on quality of life.  
Around 630 m² of knotless oak were used for the villa, which architect Frederico Gomez Crespo integrated into the property in a very playful way.
He always sets the oak parquet floor against either a ceiling or wall installation made of the same material. The same applies vice versa, in other words a ceiling construction made of oak wood is combined with an oak wall.  
The large areas of white-oiled, completely knotless mafi oak create an inviting and very natural atmosphere with their light surface appearance and extremely smooth look, which fits perfectly into the modern architecture.

Biophilic architecture in a nutshell: when inside and outside merge

The light-flooded sequence of rooms opens out in a very fluid transition to the outside.
You can reach the large terrace with a view of the lake of the same name directly from the cozy lounge area.

There is another opening towards the garden in the guest wing, which leads directly into a colorful sea of flowers. Generous, elegant glass sliding doors and skylights framed in anthracite gray bring nature and the beautiful greenery of the surroundings directly into the living areas. 
Hundreds of square meters of naturally oiled, open-pore oak wood on the walls, ceiling and floor emphasize the biophilic character of this green architecture and demonstrably ensure a healthy indoor climate.

Due to the high-quality three-symmetrical plank construction, the high humidity is not a problem, but rather supports the principle of wood as a natural air conditioning system. 

Material mix for timeless living

Architect Frederico Gomez Crespo relies on the principle of "less is more".
He combines knotless oak parquet with timeless materials such as gray stone, glass, leather and velvet.  
He also focuses on clarity when it comes to the colors of the home: he combines light and dark shades of gray with various shades of purple and petrol. Thus, the green of the outdoor area becomes really arresting indoors.

For the interior, Crespo relies on simple cube shapes with handleless, matt fronts, the drawers and doors of which offer plenty of storage space. He also leaves nothing to chance with the doors and uses the same mafi material here as for the floor, ceiling and wall.  
Overall, with this reserved materialization, he succeeds in creating an exciting interplay of natural, raw and modern-transparent surfaces that are second to none.

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