29.05.2022Project Reports

mafi 360°: From floor, door, shelf and roof beam to staircase

- Reduced material mix: mafi planks as base material for woodworking 

- How to: Country style in a modern interpretation

- Proven healthy indoor climate thanks to oiled wood surface

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This single-family home impresses with tremendous coziness, which is produced primarily by the use of oiled oak wood. From kitchen to bathroom to staircase and roof beams, the most natural material is used here: Healthy living, oiled wood perfectly matched.

The warm tone of the oak and the bright white of living colors here form the perfect starting point for a timeless country style, which inspires with countless details.

Reduced mix of materials: oak parquet and living colors in gray and white

The choice of materials in particular is crucial when it comes to creating a certain atmosphere within your own four walls. For this multi-story single-family house located in the idyllic Sonnenbühl in the region of Baden-Württemburg, the choice therefore went to naturally oiled wood.

The goal: to create a living environment that looks modern on the one hand, but is still inviting and cozy.

Subtle gray and bright white are combined with the warm tone of the oak wood. Individual accents are set in mustard yellow as well as classic black.

The interior is characterized by simple form and modern simplicity. A purist kitchen unit with glossy white fronts skillfully contrasts with the matte, oiled wooden surface and becomes the focal point in the living area.

The popular mafi plank inspires not only by the friendly warm color, which is typical for oak wood, but also by the lively grain and the intermittent crevices as well as the larger and smaller knotholes, which are all filled in black.
Brushing the floor and finishing it with natural oil further accentuates the oak grain and leaves a pleasant, velvety feel that always feels pleasantly warm to the body in bare feet.
Particularly harmonious: the black baseboards perfectly match the black door handles and black details of the floor.

Modern country style with oak parquet flooring

This detached house proves that country home romanticism can also be implemented in a modern way.

Due to the deliberately reduced mix of materials and the subtle living colors, no room looks cluttered and at the same time feels inviting.  
Lots of light, modern surfaces like glass, sophisticated lighting design and simple white plastered walls are combined with natural warm oak wood.

Detailed oak solutions can be found on all living levels: oak treads, a custom-made shelf made of the same material, roof beams and even oak look doors. The spacious wooden surfaces lend grounding and coziness to the contemporary living concept.

The robust Oak Country is also employed successfully for the sports room and the generously designed wellness area. When you get out of the bath or sauna, you will be pleased by the non-slip and noticeably comfortable wooden surface.
There is no need to be afraid of splashing water in the bathroom. On the contrary - oiled oak parquet, thanks to its open pores, absorbs moisture and releases it back into the room.

Exciting highlight: mafi pine planks decorate the house's sauna and provide a very special kind of fragrant experience.

Healthy living at home thanks to wood

The healthiest living material par excellence: wood.  
But the key is that the wood can breathe and thus unleash its positive effect. That is why mafi planks are oiled and air-dried to preserve the open pores of the wood.

Surrounding oneself in one's own home with as much wood as possible makes sense not only because wood has a particularly elegant aesthetic and creates an atmosphere for relaxation in no time at all, but above all because it has been proven to contribute to a healthy indoor climate.

In addition, wood is free of allergenic substances and is well protected from mold.

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