28.05.2014Project Reports

mafi Natural Wooden Walls

Well, even for us that sounds like it will take some getting used to and will probably not end up in our brochures. Nevertheless, today we would like to introduce a great new project and to discuss the topic of using mafi natural wooden floors on walls.

“Real wood in connection with water is rarely seen, even though both of these materials give people an incomparable feeling of well-being.”

mafi was invited into a private house in beautiful Salzburg and was allowed to photograph a somewhat wrinkled model. This natural beauty goes by the name of mafi Oak Country Riva Mezzo, brushed and natural oiled. A characteristic feature of this product is the scraped surface which gives the floor a wild but at the same time homogeneous surface appearance. The floorboards run impressively through this private house’s spa area, and earth the often sterile looking appearance of the wet areas. Real wood in connection with water is rarely seen, even though both of these materials give people an incomparable feeling of well-being.

In this case, the mafi floorboards were mounted on the wall - a form of processing which more often creates that little bit extra for the room concept. The installation is usually done on a cushion wood construction and is enjoyably simple. The wear on the boards is negligible in comparison to a floor. Nevertheless, they should be cleaned every now and then with the appropriate mafi Wooden Floor Soap. The wood thus remains permanently flexible and the soap also has an antiseptic and antibacterial effect.

In wet areas, regardless of whether floor or wall, there are special requirements on the design. Sealed wood (lacquered, UV-oiled etc.) can only withstand water and moisture as long as the seal isn’t damaged. Here at mafi we follow a completely different approach with the naturally oiled surface. The oil penetrates into the plank and provides stability without closing the pores of the wood. Thus, as in this example, the moisture can be absorbed by the wood and then released back into the room through the room temperature. Due to this moisture absorbance and dissipation the volume of the wood changes and this results in gaps forming. To greatly reduce this effect, we rely on a symmetrical plank construction where the top and back layers are made of the same wood. The resulting counter effect stabilizes the plank as a whole and is the most effective protection against gaps. That’s why mafi natural wooden floors are predestined for installation on underfloor heating.



5020 Salzburg