08.11.2019Project Reports

Minimalist Interior Design with mafi "OAK Country, white oil"

The white oiled natural wood floor with its vibrant surface consisting of artful cracks and knots is the perfect basis for what otherwise is a reduced spatial concept of this single-family house in Mornington, Australia.

The oak is an extremely robust wood, which therefore tends to be used for the private sector but also for the public sector.

OAK Country: A lively floor for classic and modern room concepts.

A Floor with a Special Look and High Stability

The mafi "OAK Country, white oiled" delights people with its bright surface, which is permeated by elaborate cracks and partially large knots. A vibrant floor that is perfectly suited for traditional but also modern styles of furnishing.

The oak is an extremely robust wood, which therefore tends to be used for the private sector but also for the public sector. Like all mafi floors, the popular "OAK Country" is produced in high-quality, three-symmetrical floorboard construction as well.
Back and top layers made of the same wood, with the same thermal treatment and initial thickness, provide extreme stability and reduce shrinkage enormously. The three layers of wood are combined using white glue. White glue consists only of natural substances such as vinegar and lime and is completely VOC [volatile organic compound] and formaldehyde-free.

Thus, the "OAK Country" is not only visually an "eye-catcher" but also guarantees a healthy indoor climate for man and beast through its ecological production.

A lot of manual work for a unique surface appearance

The natural cracks are filled by hand with black putty. Each floorboard is then manually finished  with white natural oil based on linseed oil. The result is an exciting surface appearance that seems vibrant on the one hand and bright and friendly on the other.
Cracks of different lengths and widths and knots ranging in diameter from small to large alternate and form a strong contrast to the bright wood surface.

Regular care with the white wood soap and the white color pigments in it will ensure that the cool, modern look of the parquet is preserved and continues to delight people for many years.

Minimalist Spatial Concept with mafi "OAK Country,, white oil"

The architects Jamarchitects from Melbourne decide in favor of the single-family house for a family-friendly and resilient floor made of oak.
White oiling is chosen for the surface so that the bright, friendly interior in the different shades of gray and white harmonizes with the floor. For this purpose, textiles such as cushions and rugs in different shades of sand are combined. A simple kitchen unit in matte white, a striking work surface made of gray stone, and anthracite gray window frames subtly but all the more elegantly embed themselves  into the minimalist environment.

Natural materials, colors within the same color family, and a wooden floor with a natural feel yield a calm atmosphere with a lot of feel-good factor and comfort.

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