04.02.2019Project Reports

Modern living in Italy.

Where white meets the rich brown of Molto Vulcano.

All rooms are characterized by an intentionally rational style of “essential reduction.” It is enhanced by the overall quality and strong character of the materials that make up the space. The interior minimalist style exalts, reveals, and ties in with the full character of the mafi Molto Vulcano wood that is present in all rooms. [Architect Fabio Menegazzo].

A project by Menegazzo Studio, Veneto, Italy.

Bright, light-flooded rooms, mainly in white, characterize this project in Italy. As a counterbalance to the overall homogeneous look, a Molto Vulcano oak floor by mafi was chosen. The different shades and intensities of brown are typical for this extraordinary flooring. As seductive as its rich, natural look reminiscent of acorns is, Molto Vulcano is also attractive for the many advantages oak offers as a floor covering.

A floor for the entire house

A trend that has been apparent for years. Interior designers are increasingly opting to use a single floor covering throughout an entire property. This unifies the various spaces while also significantly reducing the material mix, ensuring a more harmonious and coherent result. mafi floors offer a holistic approach, working well in wellness and wet areas, too, making them the perfect choice for projects like these.

Walls and stairs to match the floors

Real highlights in this Italian project are the matching, custom-made staircases and the wall in front of the staircase, also accented with Molto Vulcano oak. The stairs were made of the same material as the floor, the risers closed and fitted to match on-site. The wall was also clad with planks to match. By making this a feature wall, a separate, comfortable space within the home was created without dominating the entire room. We find that these are the kinds of details perfectly coordinated in a room concept that really make the difference.

European Oak: the all-round talent

Oak already has a naturally high density and hardness. In addition, it experiences relatively minimal swelling and shrinkage. These properties makes oak the ideal wood for floors. For mafi, the origin of the material also plays a major role. For the production of its natural wood floors, mafi only uses native European woods in order to reduce the ecological footprint.

mafi Molto Vulcano oak gets its special look from the hand-selected material and a special thermal treatment done completely without chemicals. This type of wood drying changes the color of the wood from light to dark, while intensifying the existing color differences in the wood and making the wonderfully natural character of the wood even more pronounced.