27.11.2019Project Reports

More than a floor. Stylish 3D wood surface as a decorative eye-catcher on the wall

In the city of Winchester, in Virgina, USA, a very special wood adorns the walls of the local men's and women's boutique "Bell's Fine Clothing": a chocolate-colored beech, which acts as a perfect stage for the displayed clothing and elegant accessories.  

The thermally treated "BUCHE Vulcano Fresco Duna" delights with its extravagant look and becomes an eye-catcher, whether installed on the wall or on the floor. The ideal product for upscale shop fitting.

What makes this natural wood floor interesting even for heavily trafficked businesses is on the one hand, the extreme robustness that makes this natural wood floor interesting and on the other, the extravagant look that is guaranteed to attract everyone's attention.

Cosiness meets design - extravagant wave optics on noble brown tone

When you enter the store, it is immediately clear why "Bell's Fine Clothing" welcomes customers from afar. Word has spread to Florida, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Washington and California, that there is a special fashion business here. Quality has been a priority in this fashion-loving family business for three generations. The Shendow family's standards for high quality can immediately be seen on the exquisite goods, but also how they are presented.

A beautiful wall paneling with the mafi "BEECH Vulcano Fresco Duna, milled, natural oiled" adorns the entire accessories area of the store. Square compartments were attached in the wall, which present fashion accessories such as ear plugs or handbags, each with a spot light from above, in the most elegant way.

Chemical-free thermal process ensures a beautiful play of colors

The rich beech chocolate tone blends in perfectly with the tasteful premises of the boutique and acts as an eye-catcher par excellence. The beautiful brown shade is due to the mafi beech heat treatment, which, completely free of chemicals, uses only water and high heat to darken the planks in a natural way.

The wave optics are then mounted on each plank using a milling cutter. When installed over a large area, on the floor or on the wall, the decorative character of this product will be fully appreciated. The jury of the Red Dot Award, who honored the "BEECH Vulcano Fresco Duna, milled, natural oiled" with a "Red Dot Award Honorable Mention", was also swayed by this unique look.  

Open-pore wood surface for a healthy room climate

The last finishing step is the oiling with linseed oil-based natural oil.
The oil is given enough time to penetrate deep into the wood and develop its full maintenance properties.

Every mafi parquet is produced entirely ecologically. That's why every plank is oiled with natural oil and not sealed with paints or waxes. The advantage is obvious: the wood surface remains porous and can therefore absorb moisture in the room and release it back to the room.

This wood property ensures a demonstrably better indoor climate.

Well maintained and cleaned, whether in a private home or heavily used business premises, it comes with wooden soap and water. The soap cleans the floor and has an antibacterial effect and the fat content nourishes the floor and makes it robust against stains or scratches for the future.

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