25.01.2023Project Reports

Opposites attract: Modern style meets classic chic

- An exciting mix of styles: Classic meets modern interior  
- Detached house in natural gray tones and premium materials  
- Natural wood parquet is such a healthy lifestyle choice 
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Contemporary yet timeless – this is precisely the spatial effect achieved by the architects of Leimgruber Innenraum, who have created, with a great deal of sensitivity, tactile and visual stimuli ranging from classic to modern. 

Bright earth tones create a homely and very cozy atmosphere. A high-quality material mix of natural oak wood, cool marble and black accents round out the overall look, giving this Salzburg detached home a modern look juxtaposed with classic details such as elegant wall paneling.

A skillful combination of styles: classic wall paneling meets lively oak parquet flooring

Classic wall paneling in bright white adds traditional charm and adorns the area around the kitchen as well as the living-dining area. In contrast, the architects chose the vibrant OAK Country Vulcano Medium with white oiling. This oiling gives the warm base tone of the floorboards a cooler look and harmonizes very nicely with the dominant home colors of beige and white.  
Every square inch of the natural wood parquet inspires with its richness of detail – so knots of different diameters and cracks filled by hand alternate with each other, bringing a sense of naturalness and charm to this family home. 
The architects have succeeded in dividing the light-flooded room into three areas that are equally inviting – the purist kitchen unit, which has no handles at all, attracts the eye just as much as the cozy living area made of beige velvet. The focal point is the round dining table with chairs also in beige. 

Chic greige tones and a fine choice of materials


The timeless color palette in natural gray and beige runs through the entire living space and creates an extremely cozy atmosphere. The choice of materials impresses with a high level of naturalness and top quality. As a strong color contrast to the light earth tones, a variety of black details can be found, providing modern accents to this stylishly classic setting. The matt black kitchen faucet, as well as delicate picture frames, coffee table and armchair legs in black, create an exciting mix of styles and successfully combine modern and classic. 

The materials are also skillfully combined: for example, oak wood in a lively assortment is combined with beautiful marble, which has details as unique as the thermo-treated natural wood floor. 

"It's all about the details." – This motto is reflected in every corner of this house.
Special eye-catchers: the colorful artworks, which stand out nicely against the simple wall color with strong tones.

Delicate shades of rose and peach in the form of candles, glass vases and linen upholstery round off the successful color concept and lend the classy chic a touch of sweetness. An elegant solution in the entrance area: the organically curved staircase with dark steps.  

Overall, the designed interior by LEIMGRUBER INNENRAUM exhibits a successful mix of warm and cool colors, and classic and modern elements. The clear, restricted combination of materials lends a sense of calm with the subtle room colors and is the ideal foundation for a true oasis of well-being.  

Benefit from nature: Natural wood planks are so healthy for the home

Wood is ingenious and naturally brings with it a variety of positive properties. And that's exactly why we finish each floorboard exclusively with linseed oil-based oil to preserve all the natural benefits. 

The oiling keeps the wood open-pored. Because it penetrates into every fiber, the surface remains pleasantly warm to the body and can continue to absorb moisture and release it back into the room. The result, in addition to the natural feel, is a demonstrably healthy indoor climate, which not only promotes concentration but also has noticeable beneficial effects.  
Natural parquet flooring is also convincing in terms of sustainability. Any stains or scratches can be easily spot-repaired on oiled parquet.  

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